• Rice Paper Rolls

    Rice Paper Rolls

    31 August, 2017, By Mosman Youth IN MYnews, Snacks for Students

    The last recipe in our FRESH Snacks series is a Vietnamese favourite + super easy to make at home, check it out below!   Week Five ~Rice Paper Rolls~ Rice paper rolls are a traditional Vietnamese entree that taste delicious with basically any fillings – vegetables, rice noodles, tofu, chi [...]

  • Fruity Pizza

    Fruity Pizza

    29 August, 2017, By Mosman Youth IN MYnews, Snacks for Students

    This week F.R.E.S.H prepared a fruity twist on the traditional pizza…Check it out below!     Week Four ~Fruity Pizza~   FRUIT PIZZA...this is the perfect afternoon snack/dessert that is so easy to prepare! It also allows for your own creative direction… add whatever fruit [...]

  • Broccoli Tater Tots

    Broccoli Tater Tots

    18 August, 2017, By Mosman Youth IN MYnews, Snacks for Students

    Week THREE of FRESH Snacks is something a little different, with a healthier take on a traditional bite-sized potato treat – tater tots!!   Week Three ~Broccoli Tater-Tots~ For Week three, F.R.E.S.H and Mospress proudly presents the Broccoli Tater Tots!!! these FRESHLY made Broccoli Tots [...]

  • Pikelets


    15 August, 2017, By Mosman Youth IN Feature Articles, Snacks for Students

    Week Two of FRESH Snacks brings you an easy recipe for delicious mini pancakes!     Week Two   ~Pikelets~ In week two, Mospress & F.R.E.S.H cooked up some bite-sized pikelets for after school snacks! These are so simple and quick to make, and taste great topped with any type of fr [...]

  • Pizza Bites

    Pizza Bites

    4 August, 2017, By Mosman Youth IN Mospress, Snacks for Students

    Mospress & F.R.E.S.H worked together this week on bringing you their first FRESH snack for students!     Week One   ~Pizza Bites~   These bite-sized snacks are an ideal choice for parties, gatherings…even after school! Rather than using a traditional base for these trea [...]

  • Decadently Delicious Brownies

    Decadently Delicious Brownies

    6 June, 2014, By Mosman Youth IN Snacks for Students

    BY ANGELA With homework increasing and exams looming what better way to unwind than to bake these decadently delicious brownies! This recipe combines three of my favourite things: chocolate chip cookies, Oreos and brownie to make the ultimate comfort food. To top it off, anyone can make this recipe- [...]