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The Mosman Youth Forum is an exciting platform for young people in Mosman to have a voice about issues that matter to them. The Forum’s role is to help provide feedback to Council, as well as to develop strategies and activities to support positive action on areas of concern and interest. The Forum is made up of residents from 15 – 25 years of age.

The Youth Forum is currently working on an initiative called MosCard, which aims to link youth friendly local businesses with youth in the Mosman area. For more information on this initiative click here. They also worked on the large youth consultation project It Starts with You, you can watch the video summary and read the report here.

Youth Forum – Charter adopted by Council 9 April 2013

If you have any more questions about the Mosman Youth Forum please don’t hesitate to contact the Youth Services team on 9978 4013 or at

Meet the Youth Forum Members

kartik bio pic

Hi! I’m Kartik, a year 12 student at Northern Beaches Secondary College: Manly Selective Campus. I was born in India, and moved to Australia at the end of 2002. Since then, I’ve lived in Mosman! Over the past few years, I’ve become more involved in the locality of Mosman through participating in the Mosman Youth Forum, and advocating youth issues in programs such as the YMCA NSW Youth Parliament. I love people! And subsequently, I love helping people! So on my section of the blog you’ll find general advice addressing a variety of common issues.

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Hi! I’m Nicky. I’m 17 years old and I am currently in Year 11. I’ve lived in Mosman ever since I moved here from South Africa, almost a decade ago. I love English, French and Visual Arts. I like meeting new people and being a good friend. I like to bake for my friends and write them cards when they’re sick. I like writing letters with my friends who live overseas (who doesn’t like getting mail?!) One day I hope to start my own magazine, or get my writing published. At the moment, I am saving to go on an adventure to Iceland at the end of 2015.  My favourite quote says a lot about me: “Success is going from failure to failure without lack of enthusiasm.” – Churchill


Mixi T





Hey I’m Mixi, I am currently in Year 10 at Mosman High School. I love drama and English. I’ve lived in Mosman for about 8 years, ever since I moved from Germany. I am fluent in German and enjoy speaking it. I love talking to my friends and making new friends, so I’d love to meet you guys!

Meet our past Youth Forum Members

Justin bio





Hi, I’m Justin. I currently study Commerce/Law at UNSW. I’ve lived in Mosman all my life, and my goal is to make Mosman more youth-friendly and an exciting place for young people to hang out. I am interested in environmental issues, mental health and minimising drug and alcohol abuse. I am also strangely addicted to 80s music and British panel TV shows. I’ve been particularly active in advocating for greater environmental awareness in schools and within the community, so you can find me blogging about these issues.

Charlotte pic

Hey, my name is Charlotte and I have lived in Mosman for only two years but have been hanging out at Balmoral and Mosman Village since year 7. I go to school at Wenona in North Sydney and enjoy playing hockey, reading and sailing. I joined the Mosman Youth Forum at the start of this year as a way to be involved in the local community. Since then I have been greatly inspired by the enthusiastic members and their ideas. I hope this blog may inspire others as much its writers have inspired me.

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Hey! I’m Sam, a year 12 student currently at Sydney Grammar School. I’ve lived in Mosman for as long as I can remember and relish the chance to make it a more interesting place for young people to hang out. Outside of the Forum, my interests include US politics, sports (cricket, rugby, boxing) and writing. I look forward to writing a bunch of posts for the blog and helping the MYF’s initiatives to grow.

Bel - Youth Forum






Hey, I’m Bel! Though I’ve moved around a lot, I’ve spent the majority of my life in Mosman, and I’m currently in Year 12 at Loreto Kirribilli. Mosman is such a youth-friendly area, and I’m really excited about being a part of making it even better, particularly through my passion for mental health and women’s rights! I love reading – two of my favourites are Game of Thrones and Harry Potter – and writing. I also love travelling and history. I’m really looking forward to helping the Mosman Youth Forum make Mosman an even more youth-supportive community!

kat image

Hi, I’m Kat! I live in Mosman and am currently doing the HSC at Manly Selective Campus. I love following politics and current affairs and traveling, and am looking forward to making Mosman a more exciting place for young people!

Angela pic

Hi! My name is Angela. I have lived in Mosman for the past 13 years and I go to Queenwood School for Girls. I joined Mosman Youth Forum so I could help to make Mosman a more accessible place for young people. It is no secret to those who know me that I love to bake! As such, you will find me blogging heaps of delicious recipes to help to relieve some of the stress that comes with the school and the HSC! Best of all, most of the recipes are simple and can be made for under $10. Be sure to check out the blog for new posts and happy baking!

Chris bio pic





Hi! I’m Chris, a first year Medical student at the University of Western Sydney. I’ve lived in Mosman my whole life and have decided to get involved with the locality recently, joining the youth forum. I’m particularly interested in mental health mainly in adolescents as I feel it’s a silent killer and is particularly poorly dealt with in society. I love interacting with people and am trying to get involved with opportunities that mix these two interests of mine. As such, I’m currently training to become a Lifeline telephone counselor and volunteer with Red Cross as a telecross caller.


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