Moscard is an initiative by the Mosman Youth Forum that aims to connect young people, businesses and the community in Mosman.

Moscard provides an incentive for young people to spend more time in Mosman by offering members exclusive discounts and deals at participating businesses. On top of this, it provides a means for Moscard members to source relevant information such as news, opportunities and events via the Moscard e-news, blog and Mosman Youth Facebook page. Getting involved in the Moscard initiative provides a direct channel for businesses and community groups to connect with youth from Mosman.

If you’re a young person, you can find more about what’s in it for you by clicking here. You can find a list of awesome discounts and deals available to Moscard holders here. You can register to become a Moscard member now by clicking here.

If you’re a local business, we would love to have you involved! You can find out how the Moscard works for businesses and what’s in it for you by following this link. Once you are ready to register your business, click over here for all of the necessary information.

Moscard is an initiative of the Mosman Youth Forum. The Mosman Youth Forum is a group of young people from Mosman who are passionate about making Mosman a positive place for young people to live, work and hang out.

  • Learn more about Moscard here.
  • View latest Moscard deals here.
  • Register for Moscard  here.
  • FAQ for businesses here.
  • Register your business here.

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