Always wanted to dance like Michael Jackson? Think you know the late “King of Pop” best? Well then, check out this blog post!

Hi, we are the Youth Centre Committee! We’re a volunteering group who get together to organise events and socialise every week, you can find out more about us here.

We are writing a blog post because we’re excited to invite all young people along to an event we are running next Friday, 29th August. We are putting on this event to celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest musicians of all time…

…that’s right…Michael Jackson!

So we are inviting YOU to come along next Friday (29th) at 4.30pm for an hour and a half of fun!

Show us your best dance moves in a Michael Jackson dance-off, be it your moon walk, thriller, or smooth criminal moves. Prizes will be given to the smoothest dancers, with encouragement prizes also given for all those who bust their best move.

There will be a fun trivia competition about Michael Jackson’s funny habits, facts and everything in between! Get together with some friends and win prizes while you find out new things about the late “King of Pop.”

Finally, we’re going to have free food and cheap drinks so you can all enjoy yourselves without going hungry!

Spread the word and the poster…we’ll see you there!