View Finders (Environmental Sustainability)

Are you passionate about environmental sustainability? Do you want to make a difference?

We are looking for next generation leaders to address a key sustainability issue in Mosman.

After hearing about a range of different sustainability issues impacted by our day-to-day lifestyle, this group identifies an issue they think young people in our community should be addressing and design a campaign to help raise awareness around it! The youth staff and special guests facilitate sessions about various topics and campaign methods that the group can draw on before researching, designing and delivering the campaign. Maybe this will take the form of a Facebook advocacy campaign or the creation of a video to share with friends online…it is up to the group!

View Finders volunteers not only explore practical lifestyle changes that can be made to mitigate key issues, but develop skills in research, project management and communication.

Group Commitment: 1 hour per week thoughout the school term, meeting every Thursday afternoon 4:30pm to 5:30pm at the Mosman Youth Centre

Individual  Commitment: Approximately 4 hours per month as a minimum however commitment will vary depending on projects.


The benefits of volunteering with Vocal Rewind are numerous…

learn new skills
develop or consolidate your knowledge around environmental sustainability and environmental issues
meet new people
make a contribution to your local community
gain Duke of Ed or IB CAS hours in a meaningful way
a great addition to your resume
a kick-start if you’re interested in employment or passionate about the environment
contribute to the preservation and protection of the natural environment of Mosman!

Click here to sign up as a Youth Volunteer

For more in depth information about what the View Finders group have focussed on recently check out the posts below from previous participants.

  • BLOGSSS (5)


    19 December, 2017, By web team IN Feature Articles


    National Leftovers Day occurs on the 26th of December and is an event encouraging Australians to love their leftovers and reduce food waste during the festive season and all year round.

    In support of National Leftovers Day, our F.R.E.S.H and Mospress youth volunteers worked together to bring you a short film about how you can reduce your food waste this holiday season.

    For many people, Christmas is a time for food, celebrations and more food! With a little planning and some food saving tips under your belt, that extra piece of Christmas pudding or turkey leg doesn't need to go to waste. Check out our handy hints for reducing food waste below...leftovers jpeg


    Happy Holidays and remember to WATCH YOUR WASTELINE!

    This is a NSW EPA Waste Less Recycle More Initiative funded from the waste levy

  • KCheader

    All you need to know about Keep Cup Etiquette!

    11 December, 2017, By web team IN MYnews

    Every minute, over one million disposable cups are discarded to landfill. Using a reusable keep cup for your take away coffee is just one small way you can lessen your impact on our earth. Mosman Youth's volunteer program, Viewfinders, have developed this quick guide to Keep Cup Etiquette - the fast track to using your Keep Cup responsibly and hygienically!

  • View Finders

    Reduce Single Use - View Finders Short Film

    25 May, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity


    Australians are the second biggest producers of waste per person in the world. Half of plastic produced globally is utilized for products that are designed for single use. When you think about this, this is an immense amount of waste going into our landfill and destroying our environment. We as individuals have the power to change this just by making a few simple lifestyle adjustments. The View Finders team look at everyday action you can implement to change your impact on the environment. We have made a short film to illustrate how simple these changes can be. Remember, the consequences of your actions outlast your lifetime.
    Scene 1 (keepcup):
    In this scene we juxtaposed the benefits associated with using ‘keepcups’ to the ramifications resulting from using ordinary, everyday, cups. Although these single-use containers appear to be made of just harmless paper, this isn’t the case. They contain a plastic lining that means they can’t be recycled, and once they’re in landfill, they never break down.

    Buying one coffee cup each day creates an estimated 10 kg of waste over the course of a year. And this is just for one person, so overall the total amount of waste Australia produces through coffee cups is enormous, with 500 billion disposable cups produced yearly, 90% of which end up in the landfill. Reusable cups provide a sustainable alternative, and have already diverted 3.5 billion cups from landfill. The inconvenience of bringing a keepcup out with you is tiny when compared to sheer amounts of waste that would be prevented as a result. All it takes is a change in lifestyle, and although it seems small, it all adds up, impacting our environment for the better.

    Scene 2 (plastic bags):

    Australians use 3.92 billion plastic bags a year - that's over 10 million new bags every day. On a larger scale, this means that every person is using 730 plastic bags every year. But there’s a really simple action that every one of us can incorporate into our lifestyles, and that is using recyclable bags when we go shopping. It is such an easy thing to do, yet we haven’t committed to change. A recyclable bag costs approximately $1, and can be used for years. It’s important that we start using them, and that we encourage our friends and family to do the same.

    NSW is yet to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags, along with Victoria and WA. Sign the Clean Up Australia Day petition to pledge your support to #banthebag

    Scene 3 (pizza box):

    Pizza boxes are always a source of controversy when it comes to recycling. They’re covered in food, so they should go in the bin. They’re made of paper, so they should be recycled. People are under the misconception that pizza boxes in their entirety can or can’t be recycled, when in fact only the clean, grease-free parts of the cardboard box can be recycled (usually the lid). The oil on the rest contaminates the recycling process, so it can’t be recycled with clean paper. The simple answer is to tear the box in half; the oily part on the bottom goes into the bin, and the clean part on the top goes into paper recycling.

    Scene 5 (plastic water bottles)
    Plastic drink bottles pose a great threat to our environment and marine life, with vast amounts of waste going into landfill and ending up in the oceans. This result in the endangering and harming of marine life, while subsequently polluting our oceans and forming collection of discarded plastic that combine to form ‘plastic islands’, as exhibited in the image below. Additionally, the production of these single use plastic bottles generates greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere and heighten the effects of the already detrimental climate change. A simple solution to preventing these ramifications is by utilizing reusable drink bottles, meaning for a small cost you can make a significant impact.

    To conclude, the View Finders team would like to stress the importance of utilizing reusable products in our everyday lives. Our video sought to show how simple it is for you to have a significant impact on your community. Remember, the consequences of your actions outlast your lifetime.


  • 170120.004.Spirited.Away.Blog.01

    Spirited Away- Pedal Powered Outdoor Cinema

    4 May, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity


    Come along and enjoy a free screening of this animated classic under the stars and even hop on a bike to help power the screen!

    The Mosman Youth volunteer group View Finders are hosting the event as a sustainability initiative to raise awareness in the local community about our impact on the environment. Along with the pedal powered projector, the group have put together their very own trailer to encourage young people to think about their everyday impact on the environment.

    Popcorn and soft drinks will be available for purchase and people are encouraged to bring along a picnic, blankets and pillows to settle in for the night!


    Friday 19 May 2017

    5.30pm – 8.30pm


    Mosman Square & Village Green  *Now Moved to Art Gallery Grand Hall*



    Spit Junction


    Facebook Event

    Email: or Phone: 9978 4013

    For more information about the View Finders team visit


  • recycle concept  design

    View Finders brings you some info on e-waste leading up council's recycling event

    9 September, 2016, By web team IN MYnews


    E-Waste: What You Need to Know

  • 13920966_620240281469172_8756835081806633229_n

    A reflection of View Finders' recent beach clean up

    24 August, 2016, By web team IN MYnews


    On the 10th of August several members of our View Finders volunteer group went down to Clifton Gardens reserve for a beach clean up. We were joined by Julia Montgomery, Mosman Council's Environmental Sustainability Officer. She provided special waste bags for us to use as well as a proper sharps disposal in case we came across any syringes, which we did not.

  • img_1305701098_14980_1398576661_mod_465_291

    View Finders get inspired by a visit from Tim Silverwood

    5 August, 2016, By web team IN MYnews


    On August 3rd  View Finders had a visit from Tim Silverwood who came to speak about his experience with 'Take3' and his direct efforts to help conserve our oceans and marine life.

  • beach-clean-up

    View Finders Beach Clean Up Term 3!

    28 July, 2016, By web team IN view finders


    On August 10, 2016 View Finders volunteers will undertake a beach clean up for Clifton Gardens Reserve.

  • DSC_8069

    Celebrating Youth Volunteers

    13 July, 2016, By web team IN Mospress


    Last month Mosman Youth held their annual youth Volunteer Recognition Ceremony for past and present youth volunteers.

  • recycling_iStock_000019128774XSmall (2)

    Mosman Waste Management Survey

    27 May, 2016, By web team IN MYnews

    On Wednesday the 18th of May, the View Finders team set out to discover just how much waste is really lying around in Mosman.


  • IMG_0058

    Backyard Vibes: National Youth Week Celebrated in Style

    22 April, 2016, By web team IN MYnews


    On the 1st of April (yes April Fools), a Friday evening, Backyard Vibes organised by Vocal rewind took place at the Mosman Village Green next to the Youth Centre from 5pm-8pm.

  • Earth Hour

    Join View Finders for EARTH HOUR 2016!

    16 February, 2016, By web team IN MYcommunity


    Make a stand against climate change by getting involved in Earth Hour 2016. By turning off your power you can save huge amounts of energy and positively impact the earth!

  • IMG_2918

    Better Bag for a Better World (View Finders)

    23 November, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    BY BEN

    The Better Bag for a Better World event took place on the 14th of November and provided a fantastic opportunity for the View Finders Team to engage with members of the public in the promotion of a great cause.


  • two_hands_logo_new

    View Finders Inspired by Two Hands Project

    19 November, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Earlier in the term the Two Hands Project came to the Mosman Youth Centre to talk to the View Finders team as well as a representative of the Mosman High environmental group. A member of the project, Silke, talked to us about the detrimental impact of single-use plastics on the environment.


  • 150274.002.Beach.Cleaup.Web.Graphic.01.cdr

    View Finders Beach Clean Up!

    19 November, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Come along and join the View Finders volunteer team as we work to clean up one of Mosman’s most polluted beaches!

  • two_hands_logo_new

    Two Hands Project Workshop

    15 October, 2015, By web team IN MYskills

    "Two Hands Project is a collaborative approach to dealing with plastic pollution: take  30 Minutes and Two Hands to clean up YOUR world anytime, anywhere" (

  • 11828571_478454888981046_5361234484624168360_n

    View Finders Look Indoors - Green Wall Project

    19 August, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    This term the View Finders team have been busily working on an indoor green wall (otherwise known as a vertical garden).

  • 4474003462_4f7af45e1f_o

    Volunteer Applications Now Open!

    16 July, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    Are you aged 14 - 21 and interested in volunteering in some great youth initiatives with your local community? 

  • IMG_6090

    View Finders Garden Expands!

    11 June, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Last week at Viewfinders we were once again fortunate enough to have Adrian Baiada from My Square Metre come to help us prepare some new garden beds to add to our already existing edible garden.

  • IMG_6073

    Growing Our Understanding - Viewfinders

    3 June, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Last week in view finders, we had gardening guru Adrian Baiada from My Square Metre  come to our meeting and run a workshop on sustainable gardening.

  • Pot plant 1

    5 Reasons to Keep Pot Plants

    26 May, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Pot plants can sometimes be seen as a nuisance to keep in your home, but here at View Finders we’ve been looking at their benefits and we’ve come up with a list of some of the best reasons to keep them around!

  • DSC_0345

    Celebrating Us - National Volunteers Week

    14 May, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    This week is all about celebrating us - because - it is National Volunteers week!

  • View Finders 008

    View Finders aim high with new goals

    8 May, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    The View Finders are a thriving and growing (get it 😉 ) team. We had a lot of fun last term and were really happy with our progress.

  • View Finders 042

    Sign up now to join View Finders!

    30 April, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    Excited about sustainability? Ever wanted to learn what goes into making great, organic food? 

  • simone warped

    It's April Fools...

    2 April, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Hint Hint...don't believe anything you read here. View Finders are pulling your leg. Well, not really literally pulling it. Anyway, happy belated April Fool's from the View Finders team. 

  • VF pics 014

    View Finders tell you all their secrets

    27 March, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    View Finders have told you what type of tree they would be, what type of tree would you be?!

  • VF pics 029


    27 March, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Here at View Finders we've decided we'll give you a brand new blog series - gardening for dummies. First to plant herbs. 

  • garden path

    Do you believe in the make-believe? Or is that where belief is made?

    19 March, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Sitting by our not-so-secret-garden, we thought we would write a blog post with a creative environmental spin....

  • mint 2

    Creating a Smoothie from our Garden - it was 'mint' to be

    13 March, 2015, By web team IN MYnews


    We’ve put together a recipe for a home-grown, local-based, nutritional meal for you to try yourselves!

  • View Finders 004
  • View Finders 020

    Our Community is Growing

    25 February, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Here at Mosman Youth we are always looking to inspire those around us. Our most current project as View Finders

  • blogpromopic

    Workshop: Get Gardening

    3 February, 2015, By web team IN MYskills

    Keen on gardening?! Into food sustainability?

  • view finders 2

    View Finders Term 1: 'Get your Gardening On'

    30 January, 2015, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    Keen on gardening? Want to help us transform the space outside the Youth Centre?

  • simpsons movie

    The Simpsons Movie Screening

    10 November, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    View Finders is hosting a screening of The Simpsons Movie on Wednesday 19 November at the Youth Centre. 

  • coffeecups

    View Finders Journey Captured on Camera

    31 October, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    At National Youth Week this year we captured some of the "views" of View Finders, it's all there on camera!

  • Coffee_Cup_(1077817244)

    Coffee cups IMPACT marine environment

    20 October, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    Ever wondered how your disposable coffee cup impacts the marine environment? Find out what the research says in this interactive video created by View Finders!

  • poss sarah post

    Solar Road Tiles

    15 October, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    So...we know that Global Warming is Bad and Solar Panels are Good while Roads are Pretty Cool for Getting Places...


  • sharkwaterA_1280

    Sharkwater Screening

    13 October, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    Come along and watch filmmaker Rob Stewart embark on a dangerous journey to save sharks from extinction. 

  • sea

    Term 4 View Finders Volunteering

    19 September, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    Join the View Finders crew and create change around an issue you're passionate about!

  • Sustainability workshop

    Change is Possible - reviewing the sustainability workshop

    5 September, 2014, By web team IN MYskills


    From his own life and experiences, Tim taught us that change may not be immediate and that making a difference can be difficult, but as long as passion is maintained and one never gives up, change is possible.

  • bio pic test

    Young Leaders: Sustainability and Campaigning Workshop

    22 July, 2014, By web team IN MYskills

    You do not want to miss out on hearing from Tim Silverwood on environmental issues and the need to take action NOW!

  • blog post coffee campaign

    View Finders Coffee Cup Campaign

    3 July, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    People in Mosman love their coffee!! Knowing this, View Finders looked at the impact of takeaway coffee cups. 

  • Fish sculpture

    Mosman Daily features View Finders Sculpture

    30 June, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Click on the image below to read the article in Mosman Daily on the View Finders' fish sculpture made out of takeaway coffee cups! Well done again to the View Finders for your creative work!

    Mosman Daily View Finders

  • Building sculpture better one

    A Voice from View Finders

    27 June, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering


    I joined up to View Finders not sure what to expect and it  turned out to be an exciting eye-opening experience about the sustainability of our modern-day world!


  • View Finders sculpture 005

    Term 3 View Finders Volunteering

    11 June, 2014, By web team IN MYvolunteering

    Are you passionate about environmental sustainability? Do you want to make a difference? Check out our term 3 schedule here!


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  1. Samantha Grooms

    1 February, 2015, 17:44:06


    My name is Samantha Grooms and I am a yr 9 student at Wenona. I’m looking at joining the Mosman Council for any volunteer work to help me achieve my Duke of Edinburgh bronze medal this year.

    Could you direct me on what areas the Council have available.

    Thank you

    Samantha Grooms

    1. Mosman Youth

      9 February, 2015, 14:14:37

      Hi Samantha,
      You could volunteer with us in one of two groups. Vocal Rewind – music and events with more info found here – Or View Finders – with more info found here –

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