Do you believe in the make-believe? Or is that where belief is made?




Sitting by our not-so-secret-garden, we thought we would write a blog post with a creative environmental spin….

Some things which we inherently know:

– Four leaf clovers bring good luck

– Rosemary is worn for remembrance

– Touch wood to ward off bad luck

-You can make wishes on dandelions

– Fairies live in the centre of rose buds

– When you twist the stem off an apple, the number of twists until it snaps indicates what time it is in fairyland

-Kiss your sweetheart under the mistletoe and they’ll fall in love with you

– Daisies can tell you if he ‘loves you’ or ‘loves you not’

Some random facts you didn’t quite know:

– Sage (aka wisdom) thrives in the garden of a lady who rules her household and her husband firmly

– If you find a five leaf clover, you must pass it on to someone else otherwise you’ll have bad luck

– Carrying a horse chestnut is good luck

– Green apples have a quarter of the fructose of red apples

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Poems are hard


garden wall




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