Groovin’ the Mind: Raising Awareness




Mosman youth volunteer group Vocal Rewind recently hosted a free live music night, with the goal of promoting mental health awareness.

With Mental Health Month fast approaching in October, Vocal Rewind aimed to contribute to reducing the stigma of mental illness, and demonstrate the supportive nature of the Mosman Youth community.

The Event

Beginning at five o’clock, attendees were greeted by Vocal Rewind volunteers, offered a free wristband, and granted entry. Live local music acts were the focus of the evening, however there was also a photo booth and free pizza that facilitated the enjoyable, comfortable environment, allowing for discussions about mental health to remain casual and accepting.

The Acts

With DJ Equator (Aka DJ Jonah) playing between intervals, the acts were:

Morag Anderson

Makeshift Memories

Charlotte and James

Anonymous BRIMZ

Steve and the Gorilla Band

Commitu Sudoku

Community Involvement

The MosPress team posted live photo and video updates to the Mosman Youth Instagram (@mosmanyouth) and the Mosman Youth Facebook page (Mosman Youth). These updates also contained a mental health fact, allowing young people attending and observing the opportunity to learn a little more about mental health issues among young Australians.

The Mosman Youth Forum was also present, selling discounted soft drinks for Moscard holders, and running a photo booth competition asking attendees to take a photo with their Moscard to win a prize (to be announced on social media). Kartik Shastri for the Forum gave a small talk half-way through the evening to highlight the purpose of the event, and provided a message of support for attendees; a reminder that the Mosman community is able to help anyone who needs support.

The Outcome

Around 140 young people attended, a huge feat and testament to the work of Vocal Rewind. The evening was a huge success, with everyone present having an unforgettable time, fostering a sense of community that allowed attendees to recognise that mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. The casual nature of the setting allowed conversations about mental health to remain comfortable and accepting, and the acts for the evening were impressively talented, showcasing the diversity and value of Mosman’s young people.

Check out some great snaps from the night below, courtesy of Juliette Davies (Mospress)

Pic 13 Pic 12 Pic 11 Pic 10
Pic 8
Pic 7 Pic 6 Pic 5 Pic 4 Pic 3 Pic 2 Pic 1

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