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When you think of your digestive system we often picture our stomach or gut, what we don’t think about so easily are the trillions of bacteria inside our gut working to keep us healthy all the time. More than a kilo in fact!

But what does gut bacteria do exactly?

  • Allows us dispel bad bacteria which may make us sick
  • Helps us utilise good bacteria! Building the immune system up after illness, keeping healthy skin, reducing inflammation, improving mood regulation, reducing stress, keeping our bowl movement regular

Lifestyle factors can sometimes damage our gut bacteria eating a highly sugary diet, food intolerances, illness and antibiotic use. To help us bounce back we can build up our gut health our through diet!


  • The non-digestible parts of food we eat. These are the food source for the bacteria in our gut, allowing us to keep a healthy number of good bacteria in our bodies like those found in bananas, apples, cocoa, chia and flax seeds!


  • Are the living organisms found in foods like yoghurt, these are ‘friendly gut bacteria’ that aid the body in getting rid of bad types of bacteria which can make us sick

The proof is in the porridge!

Rolled oats contain the fibre beta-gluten which helps us replenish levels of healthy bacteria in the gut as well as maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol.Combining oats with delicious prebiotic and probiotic infused  toppings is a quick and easy way to nourish the gut and leave you feeling satisfied. Try a tasty combo of:

  • Banana (Pre)
  • Apple (Pre)
  • Strawberries (Pre)
  • Raw cocoa powder (Pre)
  • Chia seeds (Pre)
  • Flax seeds (Pre)
  • Raw honey (Pre)
  • Greek yoghurt (Pro)

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