Homemade Chocolate with F.R.E.S.H



Healthy swaps are no hassle here! F.R.E.S.H recently experimented with a healthy DIY chocolate recipe involving only three key ingredients: 1. coconut oil, 2. cacao powder  and 3. maple syrup. Make sure to melt the coconut oil and have an equal amount of the oil to cacao powder. Taste the mixture as you go, add more maple syrup to sweeten and less to maintain a more bitter dark chocolate taste, set chocolate in the freezer for 7 minutes!

Pro tip: make sure the coconut oil isn’t on a very high heat this will cause the mixture to be too watery thin for dipping fruit etc.

Using the same chocolate base we created chocolate covered fruit, chocolate shredded coconut bliss balls and chocolate crackles with rice puffs!

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