On 29 October, Mosman Youth Services hosted the 3rd annual ‘Market for Your Mind’ a free community event to provide young people the opportunity to explore healthy behaviors and dedicate an afternoon to positive mental health activities and awareness. With the event held in the last stretch of HSC exams, it was a time for young people to reward themselves with a truly hard earned break after all the built up pressure of exam prep.

Organisations specifically dedicated to assisting young people attended and shared the vital message for positive mental health. The high school students were able to chat with support staff from headspace, DAYSS, TAFE, and Phoenix House.

We dug a little deeper and tuned into nature by chatting with community gardeners who alongside herbal tea tastings handed out free seedlings. We connected with our local community members through a hidden surprise in the free “Stress Less Packs” with a secret letters of advice from seniors in the area. You can read Margret and Walters letter in the highlight images below, but be warned the words of wisdom will melt your heart.

In every corner of the market young people could jump in on something different and exciting.On one side you would have found headspace, therapy dogs, slacklining, free tea tastings and DIY stress balls. Across the Village Green there was yoga, blender bikes, and the massive “Just Dance” competition. Not far away, sustainability and healthy snacks were blended together as young people worked for their own pedal powered smoothies. The hardest part was deciding what activity to try out next! Each of the stalls and activities Market for your Mind reinforced the benefits of self-care and connection with successful studying.

As the school year begins to wind down Youth Services staff would like to congratulate all students on their achievements and growth throughout 2018. We hope that the summer break offers time to relax and recharge and to spend time with family and friends.

Highlights from the day