Nourishing Nutrition Tips from F.R.E.S.H.



F.R.E.S.H. (formerly NEST) have been working each week over the last 4 weeks to provide healthy and nutritious food, prepared and cooked by the team, to young people at the Youth Centre on Friday afternoons.

So far they have cooked up Pizza + Pasta, Fired Rice, Bean Chili and Banana Muffins, each with a specialized nutrition education component developed by the team. This week they will be jumping on board R U OK Day to provide frozen yogurt at the Youth Centre on Thursday afternoon – More Info about our R U OK Day Event here. Check out some of the groups nutritional posters below.

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Week 4 – Fried Rice – IRON

NEST Piktochart - IRON


Week 3 – Banana Muffins – SUGAR

NEST Piktochart - SUGAR

Week 2 – Bean Chili – FOOD PYRAMID


Week 1 – PIZZA + PASTA – FAT

NEST Piktochart - FAT

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