Pouches for Wild life



As part of our Summer holiday program we organised a session to make pouches for injured wildlife animals. Which was initiated and organised by local volunteers! We were super stoked to see all the youth that came specifically for this program, it was also great to see new faces in our youth centre!

We had a presentation by one of our users who volunteers at the Wombat sanctuary Sleepy Burrows, about how fascinating Wombats are and the dangers they are currently facings.

The wombat pouches we made this day will be donated to The Sleepy Burrows. We really want to thank the volunteers who put this together, they organised all the materials, tools and gave us sewing tips.

Thank you to all the youth who presented, gave us knitting tips, and who were worked hard to get those materials in the right sizes and shapes!!

Here’s a little overview about the beautiful work Sleep Burrows does to save Wombats.

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