Startup Skills V2.0

Anyone can be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be charismatic or be acing in your studies, you just need to be given a set or tools and some guidance to map out your entrepreneurial journey.

Our first 1 day intensive startup workshop was facilitated by Generation Entrepreneur.   There were young people from across Sydney and aging from 16 – 25.  The goal of the day was to build your own startup and pitch to win!

After breaking up into random groups the group went through activities for problem solving and customer development. Each group was also paired up with a mentor who brought in wealth of expertise and experience. 

Our guest for the lunch and learn session was Saxon, the founder of Year 13 sharing his startup journey. Saxon’s experience definitely inspired our participants to not be afraid to make mistakes and follow what your heart tells you! 

After more brain storming, learning about product development and pitching, each group presented the startup idea to the judges. We had special guest on our judge panel Mayor Carolyn Corrigan and Kevin Jochelson from Workyard. We were very fortunate to have their experience and expertise shared with our partcipants! 

Congratulations to Binistry for winning first prize!

If you’re given the set of tools and is given an opportunity to explore your passions, anyone can create an exciting start up and furthermore you don’t have to do it alone. There’s experienced business leaders out there who are willing to give up their time to set you up to be successful. And there’s also us, Mosman Youth Service, the cheer leaders of the next generation and we are committed to bring programs and projects like this that is going to benefit the young people.

Thank you so much to our community members for volunteering their time to make this event happen and also to Generation Entrepreneur for bring together such a invigorating event!

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