Turning the Tides on Single Use Plastics


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Mosman Council Youth Service volunteer group “View Finders” are wrapping up a year of high-impact volunteering in 2018. The View Finders are a group of young leaders who are passionate about environmental sustainability, leading campaigns calling for collective action in Mosman. Throughout the year View Finders have encouraged a conscious effort to refuse, reuse, reduce and recycle

Taronga’s Zoomobile visits the Youth Centre!

Looking to Taronga Zoo as leaders in Australian wildlife conservation, the View Finders designed a series of events which advocated for the reduction of plastic consumption and protection of marine life. As the team acknowledged key sustainability issues in Mosman they led innovative community events to fundraise for Taronga Zoo Conservation Society. In 2018 View Finders raised $750.00 to support breeding programs of threatened species, scientific research and international conservation programs.

Mosman Moonlight Movie!

Early in 2018 the View Finders held an outdoor cinema on Mosman’s Village Green with a unique twist: the energy required was generated by community members cycling on stationary bikes to power the screen. Combined with an art installation, plastic free snacks and sustainability stalls the Mosman community was encouraged to reflect on their daily lives for opportunities to reduce environmental impact.

Commotion in the Ocean!

Further research into marine life allowed the View Finders to partner with Mosman Youth volunteer group Vocal Rewind to host a live music event Commotion in the Ocean in honour of endangered marine turtles. As live music played the View Finders called for pledges to reduce individuals’ plastic consumption and raise funds for marine conservation.

Youth Volunteers in action at Turning the Tides!

Focusing on Mosman the View Finders discovered that a particular species of seahorse, the Hippocampus Whitei, was placed on the endangered species list in 2017 (IUCN 2018), with a known habitat at Clifton Gardens. The View Finders trained with the Underwater Research Group NSW to discuss seahorse habitat loss and how best to protect local marine life.

To share their findings the View Finders took to the beach on November 18th. Collaborating with Mospress, another Mosman Youth volunteer group and with local dive masters and marine enthusiasts View Finders dived into action to host Turning the Tides at Clifton Gardens. Featuring guided snorkel sessions, plastic-free pop up party, games and an augmented reality experience the volunteers were able to share their knowledge and ideas to protect marine habitats. The View Finders reflected on their efforts as a team:

“Through research and discussions we not only learned about seahorses but also become passionate about this issue… we wanted to create an event to share the natural beauty that can be found in Mosman! We believe that every action makes a difference. One step forward in the right direction is a step towards a better and more sustainable future.”

Youth Development Officer Bec France said “Mosman Council Youth Service thanks our young volunteers for their work during 2018. The View Finders can be incredibly proud of their achievements in marine conservation campaigns. We look forward to your ideas and events in 2019.”

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