View Finders Look Indoors – Green Wall Project




This term the View Finders team have been busily working on an indoor green wall (otherwise known as a vertical garden).

This sustainable plant project, in which we are creating plant pots out of recycled materials, will be a feature wall within the Mosman Youth Centre with the purpose of bringing in some new vibes to the space and encouraging thoughtfulness from the young people that use the centre. The wall will be made of recycled materials sourced from old bits and pieces from the youth centre as well as used plastic bottles. We hope to raise awareness around recycling, sustainable gardening and mental health, with various signs littered throughout the feature with interesting facts about mental well being and inspirational quotes.

Ron Crause, from the Mosman Men’s shed, has been helping us turn our idea into reality and give us tips on how to build the wall it in the safest, and most effective way possible. Ron provided us with expert gardening and construction advice and will be collaborating on the project by helping construct the frame and backboard. He has given us plenty of practical advice, for example, to use pebbles/stones at the bottom of our pots to avoid soil run-off and effective ways of removing the stickers off our recycled bottles.We are about half way through the project, having figured out the design and way forward, and will be painting our backboard today – including inspirational quotes and mental health facts. We are very appreciative of Ron and the Mosman Men’s Sheds work to help us innovate in what is set to be an awesome new addition to the youth centre!

Here is the design of one of our recycled bottle-pots


















Keep an eye on this space for more info about the project, or pop down to the youth centre in the coming weeks to see it up on the wall!

If you’d like to get involved or find out more about the group click here!

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