View Finders Garden Expands!




Last week at Viewfinders we were once again fortunate enough to have Adrian Baiada from My Square Metre come to help us prepare some new garden beds to add to our already existing edible garden.

When we first created the edible garden, Adrian was our guidance, knowledge and support behind it all and we were so grateful to be able to work with him again.IMG_6096

After talking about the different bacteria, fungi and nutrients in the soil the previous week, we were all very excited to start planting. We used two large steel barrels and filled them with manure, organic soil, fertiliser and even worm wee – which some of us got a little too eager with and ended up stirring by hand (…who could that have been?). It was all so much fun; being able to get our hands dirty for an afternoon with the Viewfinders team was really relaxing, enjoyable and very much a form of garden therapy for us all.

We then planted all number of plants in the tubs, from veggies to flowers, and covered them with mulch to keep in the water.  We really enjoyed the workshop, which ended up including barefoot wandering through the garden in the cold, throwing worms and getting to wear some pretty cool gardening gloves!

It was a really great workshop where we were able to learn so much about how to garden organically (who knew putting molasses in the soil was beneficial?), talked about mental health and how important it is and also got to have a nice bonding session with the amazing volunteers.  So we’ve planted the gardens, fertilised them and watered them.  Now all we have to do is wait, watch and let nature do its thing, which will be something of ongoing excitement in the Viewfinders group.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more about the group click here!


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