Vocal Rewind- Scoot the Loot Interview



With the event fast approaching next week, we interviewed Battle of the Band winners Scoot the Loot.

What’s been happening since the Battle of the Bands?

Toby- We’ve been working on releasing our first single. We’ve had it for a while but we’re just looking for a place to record it. It’s called Nosebleed and it’s a debut single.

Max- Solo stuff. With the band stuff, but I’ve been editing it by myself. I’ve been learning how to produce with an app called Studio One.

How did you guys meet? What made you decide you wanted to be a band?

Toby- Funny story actually. We once performed for a music test in year 8 and then nothing happened for aaaagges. We all happened to be at a party and got fixed on the idea that we should form a band for real. So we did.

How are you guys preparing for ShoreShocked? How are you feeling?

Toby- We were so stoked. We thought with the other great acts there was no way we’d win for sure. When they said it was us, we were just like ‘hell YEAH’. We were over the moon.

Max- Feeling pretty good. We haven’t really played a festival before, so it’s mad.

Toby- I think we’ll just do an identical set. It’s really tight by now and everyone enjoyed it. It’s fifteen minutes, short and sweet. We’ve got a lot of friends coming down, so it should be a lot of fun.

What are your influences?

Max- Our guitarist eats up Jimi Hendrix. A lot of his little riffs and that are improv. He’s never prepared a live solo, he just vamps it, you know? Also Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Toby- The main ones we all listen to are Hockey Dad, Skegss, that sort of surfie kinda rock. A lot of our songs come naturally though; from an improv session y’know? We try to put a tiny bit of funk in there to spice it up; we definitely want to be distinct.

You mentioned dropping a single soon. Are you in a writing phase right now?

Toby- We have enough material to have an EP, around seven. It’s really just a question of timed recordings and releases.

What was it like opening for Lime Cordiale?

Max- That was crazy, it was awesome. We were excited and heaps scared.


Do you have any future aspirations for the group?

Max- I want to have all our songs gain a really succinct style, so people will know they’re listening to Scoot the Loot. That’s why we blended some elements from other genres into the kinda surfy rock vibe.

Toby- We started not seriously, but now people are starting to like our stuff, so we don’t know. We want to be famous.

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