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What is the MOSCARD initiative?

The MOSCARD is an initiative of the Youth Forum that aims to encourage young people to spend more time and forge stronger connections in the Mosman community. It was launched last year in July and has grown to now include over 570 members. Currently an evaluation is underway to look at ways to improve this initiative and build usage of the card by members among MOSCARD businesses. We will update you on these new campaigns in the next few months.

Who is the target audience?

Young people in Mosman and their friends, 12 – 25 years old. Our primary method of promotion is through schools, so we have a large representation of secondary school students. Mosman youth are the primary target demographic; however, we hope that the card will encourage their friends to meet up in Mosman.

How will MOSCARD be promoted?

Young people will help promote the initiative in over 15 schools that the Youth Forum members have identified. Additionally, the Youth Forum plans to continue to promote MOSCARD through local media and communication channels such as e-newsletters and North Shore youth networks.

How will the participating businesses and deals be promoted?

  • Deals and initiatives will be promoted on the Mosman Youth blog.
  • Current deals will be posted on the Mosman Youth Facebook page.
  • When members are sent their MOSCARD, they will receive an introductory letter directing them to deals on the blog.
  • An e-newsletter to cardholders will be distributed approximately once a fortnight and will include information about offers. Businesses planning to offer special deals are encouraged to do so in accordance with this schedule in order to maximise potential exposure.
  • Businesses will be sent a ‘Business Pack’ to aid promotion to MOSCARD holders.
  • The Forum will create sporadic promotional campaigns to promote the initiative in new and different ways. These campaigns will utilise social media and we encourage you to use the MOSCARD hashtag (#moscard) to build awareness of your offer.

How long should our offer go for and can we change it?

We think that having a year round, general offer would have the best effect. Consistency allows word to spread and makes it easier for us to promote your business to young people. However, please note that you are free to change your Moscard deal at any time. You will just need to contact us and give us 2 weeks’ notice so we can update your advertising.

Additionally, businesses that have an on-going offer will have the option of offering special seasonal offers (such as during the school/university holidays) which is a great way of creating some extra exposure. If you would like to change your offer or incentive, or wish to add a periodic offer, let us know and we will promote it through our communication streams on the listed dates.

How will the system work?

We will send out the MOSCARD to young people who register themselves for it. To claim their offer, they need to present their card and advise that they wish to access your offer prior to purchase. Businesses have the right to decline fulfilling the offer if cardholders do not comply with this condition.

We would ask that you would please make sure all your staff understand what the Moscard business offer is as this will help to make your offer all the more successful.

Does our offer have to be youth-friendly?

You have the freedom to choose your offer. If you would like suggestions, or would like to discuss an offer you have in mind, please let us know. However, we do ask for it to be a MOSCARD exclusive offer.

Examples of possible offers which we believe will gain traction include:

  • Discount on coffee and food Freebies with purchase
  • Morning and afternoon deals Discounted tickets for entry
  • Specials or deals on product or services such as classes

Moscard members have given us feedback that Moscard discounts are most successful when they are offering something tangible and easily understood by youth. The examples they have provided us with are deals such as ‘smoothie and toastie for x dollars’ and ‘2 for 1 deals’. These, according to young people, are more likely to be successful than percentage discounts.

Other opportunities

This initiative is all about connecting young people with the community of Mosman. If you have special events or opportunities (such as casual employment) that would be relevant to young people in the area please send us information about this and we will do our best to spread the word through the youth networks.

Sounds great, how do I get started?
You can register your business for Moscard here.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Mosman Council Youth Services at youth@mosman.nsw.gov.au or call 9978 4144.

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