Capture & Tune In – Intergenerational Photo Comp

The photo competition is now closed. We will announce the winners soon.

Submit a photo celebrating the 2021 Mental Health Month Theme “Tune In” for a chance to win 2 x $50 e-gift cards and have your snaps displayed on the Mosman Youth Instagram Page.

Your photos will be displayed side by side with seniors images in an inter-generational exhibition at the Mosman Seniors Centre (post-lockdown) so we can see how different generations capture the idea of Tuning In to your senses and community. The exhibition will also feature the 40+ illustrations submitted in our inter-generational sketch competition in August.

How do i get involved?

There are two categories in our competition with a chance to win a $50 prize for each. You can enter both or just one – it’s up to you but if you want a chance to win both prizes you’ll need to capture a shot in each.

  1. Capture and tune into your Senses. Go for a walk and capture an image of something that engages your senses in some way e.g. sight, smell, touch, sound, taste. 
  2. Capture and tune into your CommunityTake a photograph that shows connection with your community (whilst being COVID safe) – this could be a photo of a person, place or thing, just as long as it demonstrates the idea of community to you.

Submit your image using the form below and make sure to tell us how your photo relates to tuning in to category 1 (senses) or category 2 (community) when you submit – our judges will be reviewing both your photo and the blurb you’ve included explaining the image (so it’s not just about the nicest looking photo but also how you’ve tuned in to each of the prompts..).


Submit your Photo – Now Closed

Winners will be announced soon.

Competition Rules:

How old do i need to be to enter? 

This competition is for high school aged young people. Senior citizens who would like to get involved need to contact Mosman Community Care at

Can I use my mobile phone to take the photo/s?

Yes all kinds of devices/cameras are allowed (including mobile phones) – as long as it can capture a photo, that’s fine!

Do I need permission to take photos of other people?

We’d love to see what tuning into your senses and community looks like, however please ensure you have permission to photograph whatever it is you’re shooting. If there are people included in your submission/s you will need their permission and consent to include them.

How are winners chosen? 

The Seniors Centre staff & volunteers will vote on their favourite youth submission to each category with the winners determined by the highest number of votes received. Photos will be judged based on creativity as well as the ability to communicate the idea of tuning into senses and tuning into community and both the photo and blurb will be judged together (so make sure you include blurb about your image before clicking submit!). The winners will be announced on the Mosman Youth Instagram page and winners will be contacted via the email submitted with their image. 

We’ll also be asking young people to vote on the seniors photo submissions via the Mosman Youth Instagram story.

Can I enter more than once? 

You can submit one photo for each category – so a maximum of 2 entries giving you a shot at $100 worth of prizes! Please note submissions from outside of area will only be eligible to win 1 prize throughout the challenge period, regardless of the number of entries submitted.

When do I need to submit by? 

Submissions close midnight of Sunday 10 October 2021. 

Where will my photo and blurb be displayed?

We will exhibit the photographs (and potentially your blurb as well) on the Mosman Youth Instagram page either as a multi-image post or story and on the Mosman Community Care Facebook Page. If you do not want your image displayed on these pages please let us know in the Blurb section of the form when uploading your image.


Can I enter if I don’t live in Mosman?

We encourage young people from Sydney to get involved however submissions from outside of area will only be eligible to win 1 prize throughout the challenge period, regardless of the number of entries submitted.


Need more information? Get in touch with the Youth Services team at or on 9978 4013