What’s furniture making all about?! What does it involve? What do you make? Is it fun?!

I had all these questions too, so the other day I sat down with Sonny and asked him how he found furniture making last year (2013) – thought you might be interested in what he had to say so I wrote it in a little question-answer blog piece!What did you do at furniture making?

 We worked together to build seating blocks from wood for inside the Youth Centre.

How long were you involved in the furniture making?

I did it for about two weeks.

What was your favourite part about being involved in the furniture making?

I really liked the sawing because it was new and different so I got to develop a new skill. The instructor was really good; he got on well with us and taught us in a fun way. It was cool to hang out with friends and also get to know others because guys of all ages were involved in it.

 Would you encourage others to get involved?

Yes, I would because it was really great to develop new skills and the best part is that what we made in the workshops is still used in the Youth Centre, so it kind of makes you feel more part of the Youth Centre.

Thanks Sonny for that! Now check out what they made!