Music & Rehearsal Room

The Youth Centre features a kitted out music room for bands and musicians to take advantage of for rehearsal, jamming and recording.

Avalaible from 3-6pm weekdays during school term, the music room is a great space for aspiring young musicians to practice, rehearse and connect with other local musos.

A variety of gear is available for use in the music room including:

  • 2 x Guitar Amps – Orange 35RT
  • 2 x Electric Guitars – Ibanez Artcore, Fender Squire
  • 1 x Bass Amp – Fender Rumble
  • 1 x Bass Guitar – Yamaha
  • 1 x Keyboard Yamaha
  • 1 x Electric Drumkit
  • 3 x Microphones (Shure) + Stands
  • PA system
  • Guitar and Microphone Leads, Capos and Pick Puncher
  • Variety of Classical Guitars and Ukeleles

The music room is also soundproofed, however with the close proximity of the Mosman Library sound levels must be limited to practice levels during Library opening hours.

Note that a variety of gear, including microphones, guitar/mic leads, capos and headphones must be signed out from the staff room. Please speak with a staff member if you would like to borrow equipment not made available in the music room.

Bookings are not required, however if you would like to book the space for a particular date and time, please contact the youth team at or drop into the centre between 3-6pm Monday to Friday to speak with a staff member. The Music Room is avaliable for young people high school aged.

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