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What does COMMUNITY mean to you?

Often we might associate community with a literal place in the world – your school, your suburb or your town. Community can mean much more than the physical sense – it might be through a shared circumstance, experience, or identity that we feel connected to others and feel a sense of community.

‘MYCommunity’ is a page where we share opportunities relating to our community – a community that values and shares a common pursuit for social inclusion, and recognition of everyone’s value in society.


Check out our blog posts below and get connected!



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    ShoreShocked Battle of the Bands

    21 February, 2018, By web team IN Shorefest Music Festival

    The ShoreShocked Battle of the Bands returns to Mosman in 2018! 

    Head on down to the Mosman Youth Centre on Friday 16th March from 5.30-9.30pm to catch a bunch of local performers battle it out for a spot on the 2018 ShoreShocked line up.
    Check the event page here: 

    Not only is there a spot on the ShoreShocked line up for 2018 up for grabs there is also a Peoples Choice prize on offer for the act who impresses you all the most! So don't miss the chance to vote for your mates band or go out on a limb and vote for the act that is going to beat your mates band. 

    Also you will be able to get yourself a free sausage sandwich from Schwiftys Snag Shack (extras for a cool $1) and indulge at the Iced Tea Stand with a vintage brew of refreshing home style iced tea.

    If this isn't enough free live music and fierce competition times for you, head over to Chatswood Youth Centre the following week - Friday 23rd of March for the second ShoreShocked Battle of the Bands competition

    For those in touch with their musical side wanting to have a crack at the competitions, applications are now open and close March 4th: 

  • SIW

    Social Inclusion Week 2017

    24 November, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Social Inclusion Week Australia runs from November 25-December 3!

  • brr_illus

    What does a respectful relationship look like? The good the bad and the ugly

    24 November, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    With International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women coming up on the November 25th, it's a great time to have a conversation about respectful relationships, and what this looks like in our community - read on for more!

  • Youth Volunteers - Jasper, Harrison, Anais-00523

    Young Citizen of the Year - Nominations Open

    7 November, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Nominations are now open for Mosman's Young Citizen of the Year Award.

  • 24 7

    Final Wrap Up of 2017 24/7 Film Festival!

    24 October, 2017, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival

    Tune in for this years 24/7 Film Festival wrap-up!

  • xDSC01036

    Market for your Mind 2017 in review!

    18 October, 2017, By web team IN Market for your Mind

    Our biggest Market for your Mind yet kicked off on Monday the 16th of October! Check out our wrap up below...

    This year, 200+ people attended our Market for your Mind event - with a bunch of stalls and free food, it was an event not to be missed!

    With mental health month and upcoming HSC exams in mind, the event had a wide range of stalls to target stress reduction, and health and well-being...


    Delta Therapy Dogs


    Petals of Peace

    DAYS (Drug & Alcohol Youth Service)

    Mosman Youth

    FRESH Snacks

    Well Balanced Health Care

    Lost Bird Found


    Collaborative Art

    Acoustic Corner



    With the event held on the eve of the first HSC exam for 2017, current year 12 students described the event as a "fabulous way for young people to wind down after exams".

    Youth Services provided young people with "Stress-Less Packs" which were filled with resources to help with self-care. Resources were donated by local mental health and youth services.


    Some of the quotes we got from young people on the day:

    "It's a really great way to de-stress after an intense few weeks of studying" (Anais, Year 12)

    "I loved the free stress-less packs and therapy dogs. So cool!" (Gideon, Year 10)


    Check out the gallery below of photos from our event!



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    Youth Consultation: Focus Groups

    18 July, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    The MYVOICE Youth Consultation seeks to gather the voices of young people aged 12-25 living, studying, working or spending time in Mosman to find out what matters most to them and how we can work together to address key areas of concern. To have your say fill out the survey here and go into the draw to win a $100 Westfield gift voucher.

    By attending one of this year's Focus Groups you'll be able to have your say on a key area of concern. Here we'll be exploring some of the causes and looking into possible solutions for addressing this. If you're interested in attending please email

    The Youth Consultation is holding its first public focus group on August 3 2017, from 6:00pm until 7:00pm. Come down to the youth centre to discuss our first key area of concern chosen by young people in Mosman; academic pressure. This focus group is open to all aged 12-25 years old. Pizza and drinks shall be provided for those attending. Interested? email us at

    On August 31 2017, from 6:30pm until 7:30pm the Youth Consultation is holding a public focus group for young people aged 15-25 years old. We will be discussing the findings of this year's survey which outline key areas of concern for young people including; community belonging, body image, smoking, drugs and alcohol use. The focus group will be held in the youth centre, food and drinks will be provided. If you're interested in attending please express your interest by visiting the following link: and have your say!

  • Blog Tile PI

    Youth Consultation: Peer Interviewing

    18 July, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    The MYVOICE Youth Consultation seeks to gather the voices of young people aged 12-25 living, studying working or spending time in Mosman to find out what matters most to them and how they can work together to address key areas of concern. To have your say fill out the survey here and go into the draw to win a $100 Westfield gift voucher.

    Peer interviews will be held by our 2017 Youth Researchers. These interviews will focus on what individuals' opinions are of these key issues and will occur during August, 20 2017. If you are interested in being involved please email

  • Blog Tile OF & MP

    Youth Consultation: Online Forums & Map Pinning

    18 July, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    The MYVOICE Youth Consultation seeks to gather the voices of young people aged 12-25 living, studying working or spending time in Mosman to find out what matters most to them and how they can work together to address key areas of concern. To have your say fill out the survey here and go into the draw to win a $100 Westfield gift voucher.

    Want more ways to get involved?

    Online forums and map pinning are now live! Click here.  Forums will be a safe online space to discuss why key areas of concern identified by you people in this year's survey are the way they are and what we might be able to do about them together. Online map pinning will allow you to pin places around Mosman that you think should be made more youth-friendly. So get involved now!

  • 2017 image for social media

    Mosman Youth Consultation Survey - Win a $100 Gift Voucher!

    7 July, 2017, By web team IN Feature Articles

    If you are 12-25 years old and live, work, or hang out in Mosman it's time to have your say!

  • shutterstock_601577603

    Youth Researchers

    6 July, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be involved in a large-scale youth consultation? Then this opportunity is for you. 

  • 24-7 Film Fest_facebook cover page

    24/7 Youth Film Festival

    21 June, 2017, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival

    The 24/7 Youth Film Festival is now in full swing! Now in its 16th year, 24/7 Youth Film Festival is an annual event where young film-makers from the Northern Beaches and Mosman have the chance to create their own short film. 

  • View Finders

    Reduce Single Use - View Finders Short Film

    25 May, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity


    Australians are the second biggest producers of waste per person in the world. Half of plastic produced globally is utilized for products that are designed for single use. When you think about this, this is an immense amount of waste going into our landfill and destroying our environment. We as individuals have the power to change this just by making a few simple lifestyle adjustments. The View Finders team look at everyday action you can implement to change your impact on the environment. We have made a short film to illustrate how simple these changes can be. Remember, the consequences of your actions outlast your lifetime.
    Scene 1 (keepcup):
    In this scene we juxtaposed the benefits associated with using ‘keepcups’ to the ramifications resulting from using ordinary, everyday, cups. Although these single-use containers appear to be made of just harmless paper, this isn’t the case. They contain a plastic lining that means they can’t be recycled, and once they’re in landfill, they never break down.

    Buying one coffee cup each day creates an estimated 10 kg of waste over the course of a year. And this is just for one person, so overall the total amount of waste Australia produces through coffee cups is enormous, with 500 billion disposable cups produced yearly, 90% of which end up in the landfill. Reusable cups provide a sustainable alternative, and have already diverted 3.5 billion cups from landfill. The inconvenience of bringing a keepcup out with you is tiny when compared to sheer amounts of waste that would be prevented as a result. All it takes is a change in lifestyle, and although it seems small, it all adds up, impacting our environment for the better.

    Scene 2 (plastic bags):

    Australians use 3.92 billion plastic bags a year - that's over 10 million new bags every day. On a larger scale, this means that every person is using 730 plastic bags every year. But there’s a really simple action that every one of us can incorporate into our lifestyles, and that is using recyclable bags when we go shopping. It is such an easy thing to do, yet we haven’t committed to change. A recyclable bag costs approximately $1, and can be used for years. It’s important that we start using them, and that we encourage our friends and family to do the same.

    NSW is yet to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags, along with Victoria and WA. Sign the Clean Up Australia Day petition to pledge your support to #banthebag

    Scene 3 (pizza box):

    Pizza boxes are always a source of controversy when it comes to recycling. They’re covered in food, so they should go in the bin. They’re made of paper, so they should be recycled. People are under the misconception that pizza boxes in their entirety can or can’t be recycled, when in fact only the clean, grease-free parts of the cardboard box can be recycled (usually the lid). The oil on the rest contaminates the recycling process, so it can’t be recycled with clean paper. The simple answer is to tear the box in half; the oily part on the bottom goes into the bin, and the clean part on the top goes into paper recycling.

    Scene 5 (plastic water bottles)
    Plastic drink bottles pose a great threat to our environment and marine life, with vast amounts of waste going into landfill and ending up in the oceans. This result in the endangering and harming of marine life, while subsequently polluting our oceans and forming collection of discarded plastic that combine to form ‘plastic islands’, as exhibited in the image below. Additionally, the production of these single use plastic bottles generates greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere and heighten the effects of the already detrimental climate change. A simple solution to preventing these ramifications is by utilizing reusable drink bottles, meaning for a small cost you can make a significant impact.

    To conclude, the View Finders team would like to stress the importance of utilizing reusable products in our everyday lives. Our video sought to show how simple it is for you to have a significant impact on your community. Remember, the consequences of your actions outlast your lifetime.


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    Spirited Away- Pedal Powered Outdoor Cinema

    4 May, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity


    Come along and enjoy a free screening of this animated classic under the stars and even hop on a bike to help power the screen!

    The Mosman Youth volunteer group View Finders are hosting the event as a sustainability initiative to raise awareness in the local community about our impact on the environment. Along with the pedal powered projector, the group have put together their very own trailer to encourage young people to think about their everyday impact on the environment.

    Popcorn and soft drinks will be available for purchase and people are encouraged to bring along a picnic, blankets and pillows to settle in for the night!


    Friday 19 May 2017

    5.30pm – 8.30pm


    Mosman Square & Village Green  *Now Moved to Art Gallery Grand Hall*



    Spit Junction


    Facebook Event

    Email: or Phone: 9978 4013

    For more information about the View Finders team visit


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    Battle of the Bands - Lineup Announced!

    24 February, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    The Battle of the Bands lineup is finally here and it is PACKED with local favourites!
    Keep Friday the 3rd of March FREE for this FREE event!!
    With delicious pizza, a photobooth and incredible music from some seriously talented young people...what's not to love?!

  • scropped-ss-poster

    Bands Wanted!

    24 January, 2017, By web team IN MYcommunity

    In the lead up to Shoreshocked 2017, Mosman and Northern Beaches Councils will be running 2 Battle of the Bands Comps - of which the winners will get to perform at the 2017 Shoreshocked Music Festival during National Youth Week in April.

  • mosman-youth-2016-events-summary

    Looking Back at Mosman Youth Events in 2016

    13 December, 2016, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Mosman Youth have had a busy year of events, being involved in 16 different events throughout the year and reaching over 2000 young people through events alone! Check out a summary of our events below...

  • 24-7-tile

    24/7 Wrap Up

    22 November, 2016, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival

    Saw us posting frantically about 24/7 Film Fest this spring but not sure what the hype was all about? Have a read about what went on, and don't miss out next year!

  • 14729398_650172448475955_6915628584030428525_n

    2016 Review - Market for your Mind

    20 October, 2016, By web team IN Beat the Blues

    Every year, Mosman Youth runs a 'Market for your Mind' - an event targeted at young people to raise awareness for Mental Health.

    The market features stalls from various special guests each year, with a focus on reducing and managing stress and promoting mental wellbeing.

    In 2016, we had some fantastic stalls from:

    Mosman Library

    Headspace Chatswood

    Mosman Village Yoga

    ...and a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy! Our fave was the live art piece (pictured below!) that was completed on the day by young people who attended - it proudly currently hangs inside the youth centre!

    Check out some photos below from the big day!

    and a massive thanks to our sponsors, Burger Shed & Chargrilled Charlies!







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    Market For Your Mind 2016

    19 September, 2016, By web team IN Beat the Blues

    October is Mental Health Month! Join Mosman Youth Services and Mosman Library at the first ever Market For Your Mind to help raise awareness for youth mental health in Mosman. The market will feature stalls from special guests including headspace and info on how to manage study stress, anxiety, and promote the link between being outdoors and mental wellbeing.

  • 24-7 Film Fest_webtile (2)

    24/7 Launch Night 2016

    29 July, 2016, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival

    It's that time of year once again, we're super pumped to be bringing you 24/7 Youth Film Fest in partnership with the Northern Beaches Council.

  • 160105.003.Backyard.Vibes.Blog.01

    Celebrate National Youth Week with some "Backyard Vibes"

    9 March, 2016, By web team IN MYnews

    Vocal Rewind is back and moving to the backyard to celebrate this year’s National Youth Week. Backyard Vibes is an outdoor acoustic night held at the Mosman Village Green next to the Youth Centre on Friday 1st of April, from 5pm-8pm. Come make some memories with our photo booth, while jamming to the bands from Mosman High, Wenona, Redlands and Queenwood who are eager to share their latest sets with the local youth. Don't forget to drop by to have some fun and eat our FREE food!

      Email with a link to your video or song,  if you would like an opportunity to perform at this event.


    Friday 1 April

    5pm - 8pm

    Mosman Village Green

    12 - 25 years

    FREE food / entrance


    This event is organized by the Mosman Youth Volunteering group, Vocal Rewind. This is a drug and alcohol free event. For more information please visit or  or phone 9978 4013.

  • Earth Hour

    Join View Finders for EARTH HOUR 2016!

    16 February, 2016, By web team IN MYcommunity


    Make a stand against climate change by getting involved in Earth Hour 2016. By turning off your power you can save huge amounts of energy and positively impact the earth!

  • 924050_409722839218575_465367999_n

    Young filmmakers take home over 14,000 worth of prizes

    6 October, 2015, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival


    Last week we had the 24/7 Youth Film Festival Finals and the teams walked away with over $11,000 worth of sponsorship prizes and more than $3,000 cash. 

  • tumblr_static_8vf11rq6nm04cccoksk0wo8w

    24/7 Film Festival 2015 Screenings & Finals Night

    8 September, 2015, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival

    Almost 30 teams from across the Northern Beaches and Mosman participated in this years 24/7 Youth Film Festival - creating a short 7 minute film over 24 hours. 

  • Girls Only 023

    It Starts With You - Video Teaser

    15 April, 2015, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Watch the teaser video of our consultation results here...

  • IMG_7785

    Play at Shorefest 2015!

    3 February, 2015, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Hey North Shore bands! This is your chance to feature on the lineup alongside some of Australia's best hardcore and metal acts!

  • Sam

    Public focus group for youth in Mosman

    8 December, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Are you 12-25 years of age and do you live, work, study or spend time in Mosman? Then come along on the 15 of December and share your views on key issues in Mosman!

  • outdoor tennis table

    Do you want outdoor tennis tables in Mosman?

    21 November, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    So outdoor tennis tables in Mosman? What do you think...all you have to do is tick 'yes' or 'no'...that's right it's a super easy poll...

  • Consultation photos 003

    Have Your Say (its epic-ally important that you do)

    19 November, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Think it's important to have your voice heard? So do we....

    >>>>>>>CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE SURVEY<<<<<<<<< 

    And read on to find out how you can win $100 Westfield voucher!

  • image maegan feature


    12 November, 2014, By web team IN Mosman Youth Awards in Literature

    Maegan's piece "Anna" won first prize for Senior Secondary Prize at the Mosman Youth Awards for Literature. It's an awesome piece and I thought I'd find out a little more from Maegan about what inspired her to write this piece and her answer was super interesting! So read on...

  • Nicky feature pic

    "The Exit Home"

    16 October, 2014, By web team IN Mosman Youth Awards in Literature


    Nicky recently won first prize for her poem "The Exit Home" at the Mosman Youth Awards in Literature. I sat down with her over a coffee and we chatted about how it felt to win, what inspires her to write and how she handles a poet's worst nightmare - the writer's block. Read on to see what pearls of wisdom she wishes to pass on and to look at her winning piece. 

  • DSC_0873

    Voice from the Inside - Out and About Concert Series

    7 October, 2014, By web team IN Feature Articles


    On the 19th September, members of the community came together for a great night of jazz down at Balmoral beach...beautiful sunshine, gorgeous better way to kick off spring! 

  • Photoofwinningteam

    24/7 Film Festival Winners Announced!

    19 September, 2014, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival

    Over 200 people attended Warriewood United Grand Theatre on Sunday night (Sep 14th) for the 2014 24/7 Youth Film Festival Final & Awards Night.

  • 800px-Stipula_fountain_pen

    Some Sing, Some Dance but We Write

    21 August, 2014, By web team IN Mosman Youth Awards in Literature


    Writing is such a marvellous gift; not only does it take readers to new places and allow them to have new experiences, but it also extends the imagination of the writer, which is promising for an innovative future. 

  • Flyer-low-res-e1405038996322-700

    24/7 Film Festival Applications Open!

    11 July, 2014, By web team IN 24/7 Film Festival

    Applications for the 24/7 Youth Film Festival are now open!

    Register your interest here

  • Photo by youth photographer Ben Westover.

    Shorefest 2014 by Lachlan Young

    10 July, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Earlier this year 2 talented young people won a competition to cover Shorefest, one of the events we work on for National Youth Week,  for the awesome street mag Blunt. Read Lachlan Young's review of Shorefest to learn more about the killer line-up, the mosh-pit action and of course, the crowd-reaction to witnessing Scott Bird's last ever performance with Hand of Mercy.

  • Fish sculpture

    Mosman Daily features View Finders Sculpture

    30 June, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Click on the image below to read the article in Mosman Daily on the View Finders' fish sculpture made out of takeaway coffee cups! Well done again to the View Finders for your creative work!

    Mosman Daily View Finders

  • sunsetcapital

    Mosman Daily Features MYfest and Vocal Rewind

    30 June, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Click on the image below to read the article that features our National Youth Week events in the Mosman Daily! Special thanks again goes out to all our youth volunteers who really drove these events!


    My Experience with MYfest

    27 June, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity


    Hey, my name is Ju-Xien and I've been coming to the Youth Centre for a while now. I joined the Youth Centre Committee in Term 1, 2014, and thought I'd write a blog piece about it!

  • john wild

    Check out our National Youth Week Highlights Video

    26 June, 2014, By web team IN MYcommunity

    Check this video out for all the highlights from National Youth Week! You can also hear from the different youth volunteers who were involved in running these events which may get you super interested in getting involved next year! Special thanks to Jessica McDonald Photography and Film for taking photos at MYfest, you can check out more of her work here. 




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