National Youth Week

National Youth Week is an annual celebration of youth aged 12-25 and provides a variety of opportunities for young people. Each year we run a range of events throughout the week based on the national theme. 

What's on for 2019

We have a massive afternoon planned on the Mosman Village Green to celebrate National Youth Week. Filled with entertainment, food, and music brought to you by your very own Mosman Youth Volunteers. We will be updating more info on what to expect for our event on our social media. Make sure you follow us on facebook/instagram to keep get the latest updates.

Date: 10th April 2019 Wednesday
Time: 3:30pm-6pm
Place: Mosman Village Green

Call out for volunteers
To make the celebration even more amazing we are calling all performers, artists and helpers to take Raise the Youth to the next level! 

For anyone who would like to get involved in our event email us and tell us about your interests!


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