On Wednesday the 18th of May, the View Finders team set out to discover just how much waste is really lying around in Mosman.

Split into groups of 2 or 3, we scoured the area around the library, including Allan Border Oval, and recorded what we found.

Our results; pretty positive! We found some rubbish, but it was a lot less than we’d expected. We found that the most common form of rubbish was food packaging for snacks such as chocolate bars, soft drinks, or chewing gum. The biggest problem was single use plastic bottles and containers. We definitely believe more could be done in terms of the community’s habits to make Mosman cleaner.

Thanks to our council, Mosman has bins dotted right across the suburb. Our simple advice is to use them, and if you can’t find a bin or the nearest one is overflowing, just pocket your wrappers until you can find somewhere else to throw them away.

Even though they might seem small, most materials that food is packaged in can have a very long-lasting impact on the environment. Aluminium cans, for example, can take many decades to biodegrade. Plastic takes several centuries, and styrofoam never breaks down! It’s important to keep materials like this out of our ecosystems, and – wherever possible – recycle or reused to avoid throwing them out at all.

Thank you, Mosman, for being responsible – now it’s time to go a step further! Keep an eye out for a Viewfinders stall at Beach Sounds festival on Friday July 8 4pm-5.30pm where we will be raising further awareness for this issue, and handing out freebies to minimise single-use plastic and packaging in Mosman.

– The View Finders team