It was heated, you could taste the salinity in the air from previous performances, the battle of the bands just got intense, as each band and their supporters were waiting for the winners to be announced.

In this battle, every band in the Battle of the Bands strived devoutly for their best performance, rocking the Grand Hall to its core. And the winner is Black Iguana, the youngest bands playing in the competition. They won to play at the Shoreshocked event, in front of hundreds of people in St Leonard’s park to kick off National Youth Week. Black Iguana have performed at Mosman Youth events 3 times now, and the busking regulars performed at Shoreshocked, marking their first festival!

Below are some highlights of the Battle of the Band in gifs.

The night began with instrumental rock by Garner


It was followed by Skitz, a youth band with a short history and spectacular rocking performance.


Spilt milk quickly refreshed the Hall with cool vibes.


Just before the intermission we were inflamed again with the passion of rock by The Frission.


Following the intermission was The Coots


Then it was the victorious band Black Iguana


Afterwards was the ravishing Astro Plane


Solo LLC closed the night as he revitalised the hall for the final time with his powerful acoustic performance.