Keen on gardening? Want to help us transform the space outside the Youth Centre?

This term View Finders is taking a totally different environmental spin – we’ll be creating our very own Youth Centre garden! That’s right, you’ll get to be involved in every stage of the process from planning what goes in to it, preparing the space, cultivating a vibrant crop and learning how to cook your produce! This is a long-awaited and much-anticipated opportunity…spaces are limited.

And don’t worry if you feel you don’t have the necessary skills for this kind of group because that’s what we are here for – to help you develop practical skills. As part of this team, you’ll participate in two workshops:

11 February Workshop One: Let’s Garden and invest in a sustainable future for Mosman

In this workshop, you’ll get to learn the steps involved in creating a flourishing garden, how gardening can help the environment, the positive impacts of growing your own food and how it helps our future! Psst this one is going to be open to any one aged 14-21 who is interested, even if you’re not a volunteer, so spread the word!

25 February Workshop 2: No-Dig Gardens

In round 2, you’ll get your hands dirty…getting down to the nitty-gritty of actually creating the garden from scratch without any digging! This is going to be the fastest transformation you have ever seen, that the Mosman Youth Centre has ever seen, and you’ll be the one responsible for it! So get excited and pumped for this one! Psst this one is exclusively for View Finders volunteers!

Both these workshops will be run by garden expert Adrian Baiada from My Square Metre; he’s all about  ‘getting people growing real food in the spaces they live, work and play’. 

Other Important Info

View Finders will be meeting every Wednesday afternoon from 4.30-5.30 from the 11 February – 1 April at the Youth Centre and every member will be expected to volunteer approximately 12 hours over this term. These volunteer hours will go towards your Duke of Ed., CAS requirements or just your general awesomeness rating!

Soooo now you’ve heard it all join up to View Finders and be responsible for transforming the space outside the Youth Centre, investing into Mosman’s future and learning how you can make a difference practically in this world.

Click here to register your interest here to volunteer for View Finders this term! 

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Let’s get our gardening on!