View Finders (Environmental Sustainability)

Are you passionate about environmental sustainability? Do you want to make a difference?

We are looking for next generation leaders to address a key sustainability issue in Mosman.

After hearing about a range of different sustainability issues impacted by our day-to-day lifestyle, this group identifies an issue they think young people in our community should be addressing and design a campaign to help raise awareness around it! The youth staff and special guests facilitate sessions about various topics and campaign methods that the group can draw on before researching, designing and delivering the campaign. Maybe this will take the form of a Facebook advocacy campaign or the creation of a video to share with friends online…it is up to the group!

View Finders volunteers not only explore practical lifestyle changes that can be made to mitigate key issues, but develop skills in research, project management and communication.

Group Commitment: 1 hour per week thoughout the school term, meeting every Thursday afternoon 4:30pm to 5:30pm at the Mosman Youth Centre

Individual  Commitment: Approximately 4 hours per month as a minimum however commitment will vary depending on projects.


The benefits of volunteering with Vocal Rewind are numerous…

learn new skills
develop or consolidate your knowledge around environmental sustainability and environmental issues
meet new people
make a contribution to your local community
gain Duke of Ed or IB CAS hours in a meaningful way
a great addition to your resume
a kick-start if you’re interested in employment or passionate about the environment
contribute to the preservation and protection of the natural environment of Mosman!

Click here to sign up as a Youth Volunteer

For more in depth information about what the View Finders group have focussed on recently check out the posts below from previous participants.

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