Being part of the Youth Centre committee planning Friday Fiesta was an unforgettable experience!
Hi! I am Jasper and I am in year 9 at Cranbrook school. This term (term 2, 2014) I was a member of the Youth Centre Committee and we organised an event which was held on the 20th of June – Friday Fiesta.

Being part of this committee was not only a great way to contribute towards my Duke Of Edinburgh, but also a fulfilling experience where I interacted with many interesting people and thoroughly enjoyed it. We basically got together as a group every Monday afternoon and brainstormed ideas about ways we could carry out this event and different aspects which we needed to consider like food, decorations and entertainment.

In the weeks following up to this we also e-mailed each other frequently about costs and publicity of the event. I think we prepared well for the fiesta, as a team, and it led to a successful event where we had just over 100 youth males and females attend! I definitely learnt new life skills such as basic accounting and promotion techniques which will certainly be useful in later life. The staff were not only kind but also very helpful in the way that they helped us with their past experiences.

Being part of the Youth Centre Committee is not an experience which you want to miss!