Mospress (Media Campaigners)

Are you creative? Do you have a flare for media and communications?
Do you want to empower the people of Mosman using a variety of skills and platforms?

Watch your WASTEline was a Mospress initiative raising awareness for National Leftovers Day.
Mospress volunteers scripted, narrated and acted in the film.

Mosman Youth Media Campaigners (Mospress) are set to be the voice of Mosman’s young people (12-25). If you’re interested in empowering people by campaigning for issues that matter to you while learning key industry skills, giving yourself a competitive edge in the job market and even contributing to Duke of Edinburgh Award and other service commitment awards then this is the group for you.

We are looking for talented and passionate young people who are interested in putting their media and communications skills to good use. Photographers, videographers, designers, bloggers, journalists, IT experts and social media gurus are prime candidates for this diverse team of campaigners, as we need people with a variety of different skill-sets and interests to come together to create a super group of media campaigners!

There are opportunities for both group involvement at weekly meetings as well as individual projects and programs if weekly attendance isn’t for you. 

As the voice of Mosman Youth, we will work to have current youth issues heard in the broader community and address key issues that are important to you or raised by the young people of Mosman. This might include campaigns around mental health awareness, or communicating information to the young people of Mosman around the different opportunities available to them as well as upcoming events. We will work closely with the other volunteer groups (Vocal Rewind, View Finders & FRESH) to raise awareness around their current projects and take advantage of a variety of different media platforms to communicate our messages – including the Mosman Youth Blog, Social Media (Facebook, Instragram), Print Media, Short Films, Posters, the entire Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Lightroom etc)  and more.

Group Commitment: 1 hour per week throughout the school term, meeting every Wednesday afternoon 4:30pm to 5:30pm at the Mosman Youth Centre

Individual  Commitment: Approximately 4 hours per month as a minimum however commitment will vary depending on projects. 


The benefits of volunteering with Vocal Rewind are numerous…

learn new skills
develop or consolidate your knowledge around marketing, media and communications platforms
meet new people
make a contribution to your local community
gain Duke of Ed or IB CAS hours in a meaningful way
a great addition to your resume
a kick-start if you’re interested in employment or passionate about media and communications
enjoy watching your media campaigns come to life!

If you think you’d like to join and have an interest in media & communications click here to apply to be a a Youth Volunteer

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