FREE career accelerator course for young people aged 17-25. Explore design thinking skills and apply strategies to transform ideas into businesses.

Reveal your potential as you identify your natural strengths and apply key industry skills for future employment opportunities. Designed & facilitated by Generation Entrepreneurs, no previous experience is required!

*Participate in all workshops or pick & choose the topics and dates that fit your schedule. The courses are standalone sessions but together offer a comprehensive toolkit for young entrepreneurs.



Workshop 1: 8th March Friday 10:30am-12:30pm

The best business ideas are formed from the intersection of a real customer problem and the passion, drive and vision of the founders. We want participants to critically analyse these problems and potential solutions in a structured manner – Design Thinking is the vehicle to achieve this. The Design Thinking process instills the importance of rapid iteration and customer-centricity in the process of problem solving; essential building blocks for any business.

Workshop 2: 15th March Friday 10:30am-12:30pm

Given that thousands of new products are released every day and over 70% of them fail to meet customer satisfaction, it is paramount that for any business to have a deep understanding of their customer. Our customer development lesson will focus on how to attain customer validation. To achieve this, we will be going through the process of building customer profiles, identifying core customer groups and methods of validating our assumptions.

Workshop 3:  22nd March Friday 10:30am – 12:30pm

In order to have a great business, we need to have a great product. Our product development lesson aims to transform customer wants and needs into a beautiful product that addresses these. We will be exploring the whole process of building great products from drafting specifications, mapping out customer roadmaps, product wireframes to finally creating a minimum viable product (MVP). In this session we will also be introducing the software and resources anyone can use to build their MVP – inVision, Balsamiq, and more.

Workshop 4: 29th March Friday 10:30am-12:30pm

Branding is arguably what gives businesses a personality – it is what customers will remember and what they will know the business for. The business name and logo are simply the starting point of a company’s marketing. Students will learn the components of what makes a great company brand and how to position and market it effectively in the eyes of a customer. We will be analysing what makes great brands tick, and explore how to kick off an unforgettable marketing strategy from developing messages that resonate with target markets, finding how to reach these customers and means of measuring success.

Workshop 5:  5th April Friday 10:30am – 12:30pm

All businesses need help whether it is in funds, mentoring or simply customer feedback and pitching is an essential means of achieving this. Being able to take your audience on a journey, communicate your ideas and most importantly, tell a compelling story form the crux of the most successful pitches. We will also be guiding students through the process of creating effective presentation decks that will supplement their pitches using PowerPoint, Google Slides or other equivalents.

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