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This week F.R.E.S.H prepared a fruity twist on the traditional pizza…Check it out below!



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Week Four

~Fruity Pizza~

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FRUIT PIZZA...this is the perfect afternoon snack/dessert that is so easy to prepare! It also allows for your own creative direction… add whatever fruit or toppings you desire! The origin of this delicacy is unknown, but it is speculated to have originated from California when a cook at a pizzeria accidentally added strawberries to a pizza!



  • 1 whole watermelon (will make approximately 4 bases)
  • Toppings! Pretty much whatever you want – choose your favourite fruit and toppings – here’s a few suggestions below (by no means an exhaustive list…!).

–> banana slices   –> strawberries       –> shredded coconut       –> kiwi fruit        –> maple syrup

–> mint leaves      –> blueberries         –> cashews, almonds or walnuts                   –> cinnamon


  1. Chop the whole watermelon into 2CM thick slices lengthways – it should look something like this…


2. Chop the slices into wedges like a pizza, keeping them in the same position as a full circle

3. Add your favourite toppings and enjoy!

Here’s how our F.R.E.S.H. volunteers went with their own fruity pizzas…



Blog Post by: Kent Baptis & Sean Luo

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