Girls Only Night x F.R.E.S.H



This term’s Girls Only Night was a hit! Featuring killer healthy snacks, interactive stalls run by our F.R.E.S.H volunteers and presentation by special guest and clinical nutritionist Marie! Missed out? Not to worry scroll down for a sneak peak of what we got up to on the night, current nutritional info plus life hacks on break outs, sugary foods and more.

Thanks to all the ladies that attended this term’s Girls Only Night!


Food & Mood

Food Waste

Gut Health

Chatting with a Nutritionist

So what does a nutritionist do? They can play an important role in evaluating your diet, promoting healthy eating habits and educating people about food. Often people with food intolerances or a variety of conditions to do with skin, gut health, nutritional deficiencies seek out the assistance of a nutritionist.


Break Outs!

Sometimes uncontrollable and annoying, break outs effect the best of us at some point. But there are a variety of easy things you can do to limit their frequency and severity!

Tip 1# Notice where you are breaking out. Break outs around the top half of the face can be due to dietary factors in particular a high sugar intake! Around the bottom half of the face can be due to fluctuating hormonal factors

Tip 2# Drink plenty of water!

Tip 3# Maintain a well-rounded diet, including foods from all 5 major food groups

Tip 4# Try to avoid using lots of different facial cleansers on the skin, this can cause further irritation

Tip 5# Struggling to find a cleanser that works for you? A trip to your GP could prove useful for a recommendation on the right product for your skin-type

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