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Let’s get excited for Summer!

Mosman Youth Services is proud to announce another exciting line up of activities for the upcoming Summer 2016 School Holiday Program. We are bringing back some of our popular activities that young people have requested and we will be partaking in new adventures.

We’ll start our summer break with sailing at Balmoral Beach (featuring fish & chips!) then head along to a Segway adventure at Armoury Park on Tuesday and hit up the pristine bay at Clifton Gardens for a BBQ on Wednesday. We’ll finish off week one with a trip to the movies in the city (to watch the super spooky Goosebumps movie) and to top it off we’re visiting Luna Park on Friday.

In the second week we have a brand new activity on Monday, Jet boating in Sydney harbour, then Atractivity Entertainment on Tuesday. Wednesday & Thursday will be just as exciting with a trip to the famous Doughnut Time at Central Park, as well as a trip to the Aquarium and Wildlife park in Darling Harbour (including pancake at the rocks!). On the last day we will be checking out the brand new ropes course at Taronga Zoo.

Activities are sure to fill up fast so book in early to secure a spot!

Bookings open Moday 7 December 2015. Limited spaces available. For students year 6 to 9. Click here for a booking form



Week 1

Monday 11 January- Sailing and Fish n Chips

Celebrate summer and the New Year with a visit to Balmoral for a sailing lesson School. For lunch, we’ll grab fish n chips from the Bottom of the Harbour cafe. Swimmers, towel, hat & water bottle are all essential for the day. Lunch provided.

Tuesday 12 January- Segway Adventure

Experience the unique freedom of this futuristic transport. Participants will head out on a tour of the beautiful parklands atop their own Segway. Enclosed shoes are a must and bring along snacks, lunch a drink bottle and a hat.

Wednesday 13 January- BBQ at the Beach

Join us for a fun day at the beach when we visit Clifton Gardens and play some awesome games to work up an appetite for a BBQ. We’ll then head back to the youth centre and make our own dessert. Must bring water bottle and a hat. Lunch provided

Thursday 14 January- Movie “Goosebumps” + Popcorn & Drinks

Watch this epic series come alive as the spooky monsters of R. L. Stine’s bestselling books are unleashed onto the big screen. To top it off, we’re going to be watching it in 3D! We will head into the city to watch it at Event Cinemas George Street. And yes, we’ll get popcorn and drinks!

Friday 15 January- Luna Park

Imagine going on all the rides at Luna Park as many times as you want. Well you can with the unlimited pass. Enjoy the Ferris wheel and the Wild Mouse roller coaster, as well as experiencing the wonders of Coney Island. Please wear enclosed shoes and comfy clothes.

Week 2

Monday 18 January- Jet Boating & Gelato

Jump on board as we go on a thrilling ride, manoeuvring through Darling Harbour with Oz Jet’s famous Red Shark boat. Afterwards, we’ll grab gelato at Circular Quay. Bring spare clothes in case you get wet!

Tuesday 19 January- Attractivity Entertainment

Ok we’re not even kidding but this entertainment centre combines all the fun technology attractions into one facility, including Laser tag, Shooting Gallery, Dodgem Cars, Ropes Climbing and Bowling. Enclosed shoes and comfy clothes are a must along with a water bottle.

Wednesday 20 January- Doughnut Time at Central Park

Discover what the craze is all about as we visit Central Park for some delicious American-style doughnut. These yeast-raised doughnuts are soft and fluffy, hand-dipped in glazes that range from burnt butter to sour watermelon glaze. Afterwards, we’ll have some free time to visit the attractions at Central Park.

Thursday 21 January- Sea & Wildlife + Pancakes on the Rocks

Treat your curiosity with a visit two of Sydney’s most popular attractions for a unique experience through aquatic and outback environment. Then, we’ll head to the Pancakes on the Rocks to treat our appetites. Please wear enclosed shoes and comfy clothes. Lunch provided.

Friday 22 January- Wild Ropes at Taronga Zoo

Get the wildest views of Sydney Harbour and look down on the animals as you climb through the trees and soar through the air on flying foxes on the new Wild Ropes at Taronga Zoo. Then we’ll head back to the youth centre for lunch. Pizza anyone? Enclosed shoes are a must and bring a drink and a hat. Lunch provided.

Follow this link to access the program brochure and booking form Summer Holiday Program Brochure. Bookings will be accepted from Tuesday 8 December.*

*This program operates from 8am-6pm at a cost of $75.00 per day. Parents are required to sign their child in and out of this program or alternatively to provide permission for their child to sign themselves in and out. Enrollments for this program are essential and places are limited so apply promptly. If you have any questions about School Holiday Programs at the Mosman Youth Centre please contact the Youth Services team on 9978 4013 or at


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