Summer Drop In 2018



The Youth Centre will open 1 week early in 2018 for School Holiday Drop In.

School Holiday Drop In at the Youth Centre will run from 22 – 25 January (1 week prior to term commencing) so that young people can enjoy the Youth Centre and all it has to offer during the summer break. Along with the usual resources and activities avaliable at Drop In, we will be running workshops during the Drop In period each day the center is open in the holidays. More info on these workshops is below!

School Holiday Drop In is supervised in the same way as Drop In during the school term. This means staff are avaliable and on site however young people are free to come and go as they please.


OPENING HOURS: 11:30AM – 5PM, Workshops from 2pm.

MONDAY 22 JANUARY – Drop In & Photography Workshop

Want to learn how to take amazing photos for your Instagram? Join us for a Photography workshop at the Youth Centre from 2-3pm. Drop In will run as usual from 11:30am – 5pm.


TUESDAY 23 JANUARY – Drop In & Resume Writing Workshop

Eager to earn some money and get a job in 2018? Get ahead of the competition with a professional resume! Join us for a resume writing workshop at the Youth Centre from 2-3pm. Drop In will run as usual from 11:30am – 5pm.


WEDNESDAY 24 JANUARY – Drop In & Tie Dye

Make your own Tie Dye t-shirts! We will provide a limited number of white shirts to Tie Dye, however you may bring your own piece of clothing to Tie Dye. To reserve a FREE white shirt to Tie Dye on the day contact the Youth Services team at This activity will run during Drop In from 2pm. Drop In will run as usual from 11:30am – 5pm.


THURSDAY 25 JANUARY– Drop In & Music Production Workshop

Want to learn the basics of music production? Join us for a introduction to mixing and recording your own music at the Youth Centre from 2-3pm. If you have a laptop with garage band or any other music production software, be sure to bring it along! Drop In will run as usual from 11:30am – 5pm.



For more information please contact the Youth Services team on 9978 4013 or at

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