View Finders get inspired by a visit from Tim Silverwood




On August 3rd  View Finders had a visit from Tim Silverwood who came to speak about his experience withTake3′ and his direct efforts to help conserve our oceans and marine life.

He talked about the effects of plastic on the environment and ways that we can lessen the amount of plastic, such as the community-backed recycling scheme for drink containers with a 10¢ rebate which will come into effect July 1st next year.

We talked about how fast living is impacting the amount of waste we put out into the environment as everyone is always in a rush and relies on single use plastic with the perception that it will help us in our busy lifestyles. In reality – if we slowed down and made informed decisions and invested in reusable products like cups and bags, this would make a huge difference to help lessen the amount of waste in the ocean.

Tim really inspired us to help the environment further and gave us tips for our beach clean up next Wednesday August 10th, such as where to find the most amount of rubbish and how to most effectively promote the idea of marine conservation to get like minded peers on board.

After his visit, we can’t wait for next week and really hope you can join us at Clifton Gardens Reserve at 4pm on Wednesday 10 August.


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