Friday Jam Sessions



Mosman Youth Centre is running Music Programs! The Friday Jam Sessions is a pilot program to bring together young musicians in Mosman to play music, form bands and rock!

The Friday Jam Sessions and the Mosman Youth Centre will be run every Friday afternoon during term 3 with the intention of bringing musicians together to collaborate and create bigger projects. The hope is that this first program will give way to many more music based programs run out of the youth centre in the future – such as a beginners guitar group, masterclass performance opportunities and more!

How will the jam sessions work?

Come down to the music room at the youth centre from 3:30 on a Friday arvo with any gear you’d like to bring from home (or just use ours). Once a few of us arrive, we will use the time to play music together, be it jamming along to a popular tune, making our own rock beats or just experimenting with different sounds and collaborations! We will provide a tune to jam along to, and some tabs and instruction on how to play the parts if necessary, but for the most part you guys will be running the show!

Who can participate?

Anyone with music on their mind! From beginners to experts, the jam sessions will act as a forum for like minded musicians to meet and collaborate. You will also have a chance to tell us what kind of programs you’d like to see in the future.

We’d also like to encourage people who’d like to come to bring their own gear if they have any i.e. a guitar, bass, tambourine, harmonica etc. but it’s not a problem if you don’t as the music room holds several nylon guitars and a couple of electrics.

What if I’m a beginner or have never played with other people?

That’s not a problem at all – we will be encouraging beginners and new players along to create a space to meet other people at a similar skill level to collaborate with. If there is enough demand for it, we will endeavor to run beginner based music and guitar workshops in term 4.

Poster Draft

We want the young people of Mosman to take ownership of the music space we have available here at the Youth Centre so come on down and jam with us!

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