Niyati’s take on the recent social media workshop




Vocal Rewind recently participated in a social media workshop with the lovely Karen. As we are preparing for an ambitious schedule of live music events in term 3, the timing could not be more perfect. Karen gave tips on the effective use of social media and went through the intricacies of different social media platforms, including an unfamiliar one, ‘MySpace’.

Karen took us through a step by step guide of organising our own events; like roughly planning details on a calendar, identifying the target market and acting accordingly. Personally, I found this to be an extremely helpful tip as it gives you a tentative time schedule, which is extremely necessary when you want your event to be successful. I also found the helpful tips in aiding the promotions of Vocal Rewind events to be useful and practical, especially if event planning is something you want to carry on down the line. The fact that you should regulate your posts for optimal audience reach and the different rules for different social medias extremely helpful.

Overall, the workshop was interactive, fun and entertaining. Our in depth discussion on MySpace and other ancient forms of social media was probably my highlight though.


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