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Autumn is so much cooler than summer!

The school holiday is approaching so brace yourself, as Mosman Council Youth Services once again organised an epic set of activities for this year’s Autumn School Holiday Program. While we’re bringing back some of your favourite activities, we also made room for fresh ideas too.

Our first week of adventure will include a visit to the beautiful scenery at the Narrabeen Lakes, Clifton Gardens and Taronga Zoo, participating in Kayaking, Wild Ropes and a Sport Day. We’ll also be heading out to Darling Harbour to experience the exhilarating Jet Boating doing spins, slides, power-break stops and fish-tails.We’ll be visiting Skyzone; home of over 100 interconnected trampolines where you can literally bounce of the walls to practice your tricks. Oh and by the way, we’ll be having fish ‘n’ chips, burgers, pizza and pancakes too.. yum!

The second week only gets better as we visit the very exciting Attractivity Entertainment where you have unlimited games of Dodgem Cars, BowlingLaser Tag amongst other fun games! We’ll also be returning to IMAX to experience the largest screen in the world, as well as the amazing 9D Cinema in Darling Harbour. We’ll be participating in a Stand Up Paddle Boarding session at Balmoral and a couple of games of Laser Tag before finishing the week with Karaoke at Strike Chatswood. As for the munchies, well… how’s fish ‘n’ chips, tacos, burgers and dumplings sound?

Activities are sure to fill up fast so book in early to secure a spot!

Bookings open Moday 21 March 2016. Limited spaces available. For students year 6 to 9. Click here for a booking form

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Week 1

Kayaking and Fish and Chips

Enjoy the stunning scenery at Narrabeen Lakes as we go on a Kayaking adventure with Pro Kayaks. For lunch, we’ll grab fish n chips. Swimmers, towel, hat & water bottle are all essential for the day. Lunch provided.


Hold on tight as we defy gravity with a visit to Skyzone in Alexandria. This indoor trampoline park hosts more than 100 interconnected trampolines, letting you practices your tricks while literally bouncing off the walls. Please wear enclosed shoes and comfy clothes. Please note that this activity will only go ahead with a minimum of 10 bookings.

Sport Day at Clifton Gardens

Step out and enjoy the outdoors to compete in Tug of War, Invasion games and many more, for a day Clifton Gardens. Afterwards we’ll head back to the youth centre and have pizza for lunch. Enclosed shoes are a must along with a drink bottle and hat. Lunch provided.

Jet Boating and Pancakes on the Rocks

Experience the thrills as we head to Darling Harbour and hop onto a jet boat. Warning, this is not for the feint hearted. Afterwards, let’s sit down for a nice lunch at the Pancakes on the Rocks. Bring a change of clothes as you will get soaked. Lunch provided.

 Wild Ropes and Burgers

Challenge yourself on the Wild Ropes at Taronga Zoo as we complete two new exciting courses, inviting you to a unique view of Sydney Harbour and the Australian outdoors. Afterwards, we’ll celebrate your achievement with some juicy burgers at the Youth Centre. Please wear enclosed shoes and comfy clothes

Week 2

Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Fish and Chips

Show your skills participating in the fastest growing sport in the world, Paddle Boarding. We’ll head to Balmoral for a session before spending the afternoon at the beach with some fish and chips for lunch. Swimmers, towel, hat & water bottle are all essential for the day. Lunch provided.

Attractivity Entertainment

Back by popular demand, this indoor entertainment centre in Alexandria offers unlimited games including laser tag, dodgem cars, shooting gallery and a whole lot more all in one place!  Please wear enclosed shoes, comfy clothes and bring water bottle and lunch.

9D Cinema and Tacos in Chinatown

We know what you’re thinking; how many more dimensions can there actually be? Plus eating tacos in Chinatown? Yes it may not make a lot of sense, but believe us; it’s going to be an awesome day! Please wear your hats, enclosed shoes and comfy clothing. Lunch provided.

IMAX and Grill’d Burgers

Join us in watching one of the most anticipated movies coming out this upcoming school holidays, Zootopia. Then for lunch, enjoy your favourite burger at Grill’d in Darling Harbour. Please wear enclosed shoes and comfy clothing. Lunch Provided.

 Laser Tag and Karaoke with Dumplings

Enjoy two exciting games of Laser Tag as we visit Strike in Chatswood to finish off the school holiday program. Then unleash your hidden talent for some karaoke before heading to Din Tai Fung for some fresh dumplings. Please wear enclosed shoes, bring a water bottle and lunch.

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