Backyard Vibes: National Youth Week Celebrated in Style




On the 1st of April (yes April Fools), a Friday evening, Backyard Vibes organised by Vocal rewind took place at the Mosman Village Green next to the Youth Centre from 5pm-8pm.

Over 120 young people gathered and enjoyed a fun evening with free food, keep cups, plants, and most importantly, great acoustic music performed by bands and musicians from local schools to celebrate National Youth Week.

The Event

The concert began as the sun went down with an introduction of all the bands and performers including:

  • DJ Equator (AKA DJ Jonah)
  • Rolie, Indie & Kat
  • Ellen Bellew
  • The (Im)perfect Tense
  • Jamie Foster
  • Harry & Emma
  • Brimz

The DJ first gave it a quick roll off and the first group Rolie, Indie and Kat began their enchanting performance. It was followed by Ellen Bellew with all the hurrahs and fans there to support their school mate.


The performance quickly pushed the mood forward and during performance breaks accompanied by the DJ, people rushes to the side stalls for free food, plants, reusable bags and keep cups provided by the View Finders environmental group, who were collecting donations for Conservation International.

During these breaks, many bands were enthusiastically warming up behind the scenes which led to spectacular performances by each act. The acts differed in tone but all generated an amazing vibe throughout the evening.


As the sun lowered in the west, the party mood was quickly generated. Attentions were drawn to the photo booth nearby and people rushed in groups to celebrate and preserve memories of their time at Backyard Vibes.

As time passed seven thirty, there were kids rock’n aside and people swaying to the sound of music, the end performance by Rolie, Indie & Kat really lit up the place.

View Finders Initiative – Keep Cups, Plants, Reusable Bags & More!

The View Finders are one of Mosman Youth’s volunteer groups for young people interested in environmental sustainability issues. The group attended the event with a market stall to provided free keep-cups and re-usable bags aimed at reducing single use plastics in Mosman. Recipients of the cups were asked to pledge their re-use undertaking by having their photo taken with the pledge: “I pledge to use my keep cup when getting a drink and use my re-usable bag when shopping“. Pledges were captured by the Mospress team and some are included below.

VF - Permission

The group also had free cupcakes, muffins and even plants to give away to young people attending the event!

Wrap Up

This event really drew out the spirit of the local youth – united with all the passion, cheers, selfies, dances, mini rugby balls in the head, and more. Backyard Vibes has added another page to the novel of our youth!


This project was partially supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy

This blog post was written by the Mospress Youth Media team. Find out more about Mospress here.

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