Vocal Rewind interview with Noonshift




A day out from the event, we interviewed Noon Shift to see how they were feeling.


What have you been doing since battle of the bands in preparation for Raise the Youth?


Nick- Learning the songs, researching the vibe of Mosman.


Where did you guys start?


Nick- It all started in Year seven guitar ensemble. Our first rehearsal space was school, during lunch times.


And your first gig?


Nick- A little festival we did a few years back called Emergenza in 2016. We got to play at The Factory  which was really cool.


What names did you guys consider before Noon Shift?


Nick- The big one we were considering before Noon Shift was Lethal Lead, but our sound didn’t really fit that, so we changed it.


What inspires you?


Will- The bands we usually listen to: Gang of Youths, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, just a whole bunch of bands we like to listen to. I suppose, cos of that, that comes out in our music.


Have you guys got any tracks you’ve just released/thinking of putting up soon?


We put out our EP, Fuse, last November.


In terms of band direction, where are you looking to go?


Over the next year, we’re looking to write more stuff, keep playing, hopefully some more shows.


What’s the goal?


Have a bit of fun with it, be able to connect with people, ya know?


What do you want people to feel with your music?


We want something people can dance to, but also sit at home and relate to.



Specifically vocally, who inspires you?


I mean, I’ve got my favourite singers. Dave from Gang of Youths, Dave from Foo Fighters, my singing teacher Toby. He always taught me not to try and be something you’re not, not to push your voice beyond your capabilities.


How does the writing process work?


Usually the guitarists come up with a riff or a melody, and then it all comes together. Usually words and melody come at the same time, weirdly, mostly from improv.


How often do you guys practice?


Including times spent at kebab shops? I’d probably say every two weeks or so, depending on if we’ve got a gig coming up.


Any gigs coming up soon?


July 13th, the Townie in Redfern, be there! We kick off late.

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